May 1, 2009

Out with the old, In with the new

Well, most of the tulips have said "goodbye" in our garden beds. Goodbye Tulips; see you next Spring!

Hello Perennials and Annuals!
The photo above is just one flower on our Mandavilla plant (annual). The flowers are exquisite. The petals are shaped like fruit slices on a dessert. This plant has vines that are beginning to grow up a trellis. It will be looking tropical very soon!

And who could not resist Forget-me-nots? I love this small delicate flower (perennial). They are a periwinkle color: so pretty. And they are great for planting around and under other plants. We never planted these flowers. They showed up last year, and they must like us, because they showed up again. Sometimes seeds pick up wind and fly around. Many Gardeners enjoy the freebies.

This is a Purple Allium (perennial) otherwise known (in our house) as a Purple Balloon. They are about 4' in height (total) and are attached to a long skinny stem. They are planted in a half circle, and truly look like balloons swaying in the wind. I will have more pictures of these rather unusual flowers as all eight of them join this one in summer fun!

Spring is a time of rebirth. In addition to changes in nature and animal births, people tend to want another "go" at resolutions. Maybe it is the extended daylight hours? People want to feel better in the warmer months. My maternal Grandmother had a saying. "When the trees undress, we dress. When the trees dress, we undress."


  1. Love the analogy and enjoy the photos.

  2. My tulips are just beginning to bud. I'm working my way outside today to weed all the dead stuff from last year.
    I'm not a very good gardener!!

  3. Tell big IS your garden??? You seem to have so many beautiful flowers!! The Purple Allium picture is gorgeous, thx, Carmela.

  4. Enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos of your flowers...
    this is a favorite time of year with many surprises in the garden...our forget-me-nots just appeared today and the tulips are beginning to open. A time to slow down and savor every day for it is forever changing. I love to capture it with my paint brush!

  5. Kathy - Thank you as always!! :)

    Eggs - Weeding is the start of things. Then, make sure you have good rich soil. That is the basis for it all. The rest is trial by error. Go to a garden center or farm and ask questions. They'll guide you, I'm sure.

    C.T. Never measured it, but it's divided into 3 separate spaces. I'll keep sending you pics. if you want them.

    Nan - You are so fortunate to capture natures' beauty w/your paintbrush. I only have half a talent to use a camera. That must be such a relaxing art. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. 3 seperate spaces??? Sounds rather big to me - too big for me! Keep sending lovely pictures. I love to see flowers EVERY DAY!
    Here in Italy flowers are soooo expensive, in Holland I used to buy them every weekend and place one vase in every room of our house. XXX, Carmie.

  7. Willou - I will ask Mary if she would want to start a blog.

    Middle - Hi and so glad to see you are back! :O)

    C.T. - LOL and Welcome back. Hope your trip was great!

  8. My oh my how your garden grows!

    I love the look of the forget-me-nots, and love that you say they just showed up -- clearly they knew a good home when they saw it! I'd love to give them a try...they sound like they may be pretty easy to get growing.


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