May 29, 2009

Water for the soul...

I am thirsty for natures' sources of water. It can be a gliding movement such as a lake, surrounded by tall trees or mountains. You don't necessarily hear it moving, but you can feel its strength.

Then again, I LOVE a waterfall. If only I knew Ansel Adams way back. I love his photography, especially of waterfalls at Yosemite Park. I would have married him - sorry Hubby. There is something about the various sounds of a waterfall, sometimes misting and trickling, sometimes a steady flow, and other times a roar that can knock your flip flops off -ahhhh. I am starting to feel refreshed already.

I also love a river on a warm day. The coolness of the woods, coupled with taking off your hiking boots and socks, and dipping them in a cool stream . That is another way to instantly refresh and rejuvenate oneself.

Although the photo above looks like a place for a river rafting trip, I would still like to sit along the edge of the rocks and dip my toes.

And then there is the ocean. Another gorgeous specimen of Mother Nature at her best. The lapping of the waves, flowing in and out can tranform one's soul from hyper to calm in minutes.

Nature provides us with life sustaining qualities that feed our soul. It is up to us to seek them out, contemplate their beauty, and be thankful.


  1. Your post is something I feel so strongly about, too!

    A favorite quote:

    "I discovered the secret of the sea in meditation upon a dewdrop."
    Kahill Gibran

    best wishes!

  2. And yet another commonality...

    I can stare at water for hours and am mesmerized by its power.

  3. I'm very drawn to the water myself, especially the ocean. I can't imagine ever getting tired of looking at it, listening to it, or walking in it.

  4. I worship nature too, and water is so precious for us all!

  5. As my brother loves to tell me, Buildings, trees and waters fall but we keep on standing! Nature inspires me too!

  6. For me water needs to flow. Therefor I could never live near a lake. A river, waterfall or sea sounds perfect. Don't know the psychological meaning behind this. I do know for sure that I always need water nearby (near my house), otherwise I don't feel well.


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