August 25, 2009

A Pause for Intermission

August 21, 2009

It's that time again!

Here is wishing you a Happy Weekend!

August 18, 2009

El Sol y La Luna

The sun radiates during the day unabashedly,feeding us with energy and light. While the moon peeps out during the magical twilight hours, and shows us her light and her most beautiful redeeming qualities. La luna - she sings her name, while she shines in the night. She may seem abit more timid than the bold daylight sun, however, when the moonshines, all is right.

The beauty of the sun and moon are extraordinary.
I love them both!

August 17, 2009

O' Happy Day to me!

We celebrated my B-day this afternoon (the 16th), even though my real B-day is Monday, the 17th. However, with Monday being a workday, Sunday was a better pick.
My wonderful Hubby made this chocolate cake filled with fresh raspberries and topped with real whipped cream (in which he added alittle cinnamon). He's a keeper! And I love him for more reasons than just this cake. ;)

August 15, 2009

A cute comic strip!

This comic strip "Red and Rover" is created by Cartoonist Brian Basset. I thought it was too cute to pass by. Perhaps you may think of looking for that tree in a park, or even in your own backyard. Bring a book, a magazine or your laptop, and just enjoy the pleasure that the tree is offering to you. Shade can be a wonderful respite, from a burning sun. I love me a good shady tree.

August 13, 2009

Take a stroll through paradise...

Below are copies of paintings by Claude Oscar Monet. I tried not to select the most commonly seen ones in museum shops, etc. His style is stimulating to my eyes and heart. I have been fortunate to see many of his works in NYC, Washington D.C., Boston and Chicago. Next stop...Paris.

I hope you can take time out of your day and imagine yourself in a quiet museum, savoring what the Artist has created. Impressionism is the capturing of a fleeting moment. Enjoy.
The museum is now open!

Water Lily Pond- Water Irises
Many of Monet's paintings of his famous Lily Pond and Japanese Bridge were painted in the blue-purple hues. I also like the firey family colors he used in this painting.

Still Life With Melon
The blue dish was the influence of Japanese art that flourished in Paris during the Impressionistic period. Notice the small legs on the bottom of the bowl with peaches.

Madame Monet and Child
Madame Monet's complexion is painted in the realm of peaches and cream. And her item of sewing is like downy soft snow. Notice the child's little pink bow in her hair.

La Japonaise (or Camille Monet in Japanese Costume)
Another example of the Japanese influence on French Painters, during Monet's time period.

In the Meadow (detail).

In The Woods At Giverny: BlancheHoschede Monet At Her Easel With Suzanne Hoschede Reading

A Woman Reading.
I thoroughly enjoy looking at the dappled sunlight dancing on her dress, along with the myriad of colors painted throughout. Her bonnet is divine.

I hope your visit evoked positive thoughts and feelings toward a respected Artist, and gave you a feeling of joy.

August 10, 2009


Last Saturday I lost my wallet. I put it on top of the roof of my car in order to get things straightened out in the back seat, and forgot to retreive it before pulling away. My purple wallet went for a ride. I did not know it was missing for about five miles, until I arrived at my destination. I then could feel that sick feeling come over me. Instantly, I thought of my drivers license, credit cards, money, car registration; all the items that require alot of telephone calls and filling out of forms, not to mention the infamous motor vechicle agency.

I back tracked my driving, to no avail. I then immediately called the two cc companies and stopped the cards. When I proceeded to call my bank about my debit card, the nice Manager told me there was a license and registration card with my name on it at the bank branch. Someone had brought it to him. I was extremely grateful that at least that part of my wallet was recovered, however, I was still feeling sad about my purple wallet, and its other contents.

Later that afternoon upon returning home, we saw a note from a Policeman in our mailbox, requesting us to call the station in another town. The wallet had been found, and I had to show identification. Tears came to my eyes, purely out of joy. Someone returned my purple wallet. We dashed over there, signed the release form, and guess what? Everything was still in tact. My credit cards, money, library card, health card, etcetera . The wallet was found by a gentleman who saw it on the road about a mile from where we live. It has a few rubs on it, but it now is my lucky charm.

I already placed a call to his home, and thanked his wife. Needless to say, I plan on sending this gentleman a big thank you note. I admit, that I did not expect to see my wallet again or its belongings. However, a very nice person found it and did the "right" thing. I thank you Mr. K. for showing your strong character of honesty.

August 7, 2009

Look ...

for the beauty in life!

Have a great and sunny weekend!

August 5, 2009

Those lazy, hazy days of the garden!

Well, we are certainly experiencing the hazy and humid part of summer, now with both feet firmly planted in August. I feel abit melancholy when I look at my flower gardens. Many of the blooms are no longer at their peaks, and look like they are fading. Ah, summer; a most delicious time of year, yet passes so quickly.

I know many of the fruits and vegetables are in high gear, and I'm smiling about that. We go to a local Farmers Market, and the tomatoes are looking and tasting good. The lettuce and zucchini's are also delicious. I could go on...yummy!

However, for now, I will show you photos of our flowers gardens, slightly overgrown by all the rain in June. Th Sedum which normally blooms in early October, now looks like it's almost ready to show its pretty coral color - two months early. :) You can't argue with Mother Nature ....and who would want to?!

A pink and white cleome that reseeded from somewhere. I think my neighbors' garden.

Purple Grass beginning to feather - so pretty!

Melopodium Million Mile have really taken off with their large round mound of cute yellow flowers.

So, make a glass of ice tea, put your feet up, and enjoy the month of August as much as you possibly can!

August 1, 2009

My Younger Brother...

The above photo is of my younger brother Ross, when he was approximately six or seven years years of age. He was missing two front teeth, and combined with a bow tie, I think he looks adorable. At the time of course, I did not think anything of the sort. I mentioned we were siblings, right? We did have our squabbles (like all siblings), however, we were good play buddies.

Spin the clock forward many years, and here we are in Arizona, where he resides. I had on my bolla tie to look the part of a tourist, and a wicked sunburn, of which I no longer get. When visiting Arizona, one must purchase at least something turquoise, coral, silver or a combination thereof.

Ross and I grew up together. Let me explain. My parents had my older brother Dan and sister Mariann. My parents had moved when my sister was ten years of age, and my Mother wanted to start a new family again (with the same husband). So they had me, and then my Mother's belief was that I would need a play buddy, and she was oh, so right. If Ross was not born, and with my older brother and sister being ten and twelve years my senior, I would not have had anyone in our immediate family to grow up with. So eighteen months later, Ross was born. Thanks for your foresight, Mom!

Ross continues to live in Arizona,where he has rooted himself. He strongly dislikes the cold weather, snow shovels, gloves and jackets. My brother is a man who enjoys living in the southwest.

He has one of the best laughs I have ever heard. He speaks with a deep voice, however, his laugh reminds me of Ross as a kid - at least to me. It must be all the memories flooding my mind, and it makes me miss him all the more. So Ross, if you are reading this, I love you!