January 28, 2013

Grounds for Sculpture

Grounds For Sculpture is a public sculpture park located in Hamilton, NJ. It was founded by J. Seward Johnson to promote an understanding of, and appreciation for contemporary sculpture. His mission was to promote an appreciation of sculpture rooted in his conviction that art belongs in the lives of everyone. Displayed by over 250 American and International Sculptors in a variety of styles and media, it is  phenomenal art in a gorgeous park. Whimsical, playful and contemplative - you decide...

My best girlfriend Joanne took me to this magical space one sunny day. I was excited to go, however, never did I imagine all the creativity that lived on the premises. Enough of my words, see for yourself, smile and enjoy!

The introduction with a beautiful archway. The parkland is full of thousands of exotic trees and flowers. A feast for the senses.

The details were impeccable. It was if Auguste 
Renoir was really there.

I thought for certain this couple was taking a mind break from all the art that surrounded them. It was not until I stared two or three times did I realize it was sculpture.  Unbelievable!

I love these crossroads because it reminds me of that famous poem by Robert Frost entitled "Two Roads Diverged Into a Wood"I sometimes find in my life that I am presented with crossroads, and a decision of sorts needs to be made by me. I re-think that poem over and over again. "And then I'd stop..and think some more." - a quote by the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.  :-)

Lovely peaceful paths...
Monet would have loved this portrayal of his wife and son. The folds in her dress are very realistic. As we walked away, I found myself turning my head around to keep looking at the two figures. So engaging.
Peacocks walking around the serene grounds with people. Some showed off their colorful array of feathers. They seemed to mesh in beautifully, and children, young and old (me) thoroughly enjoyed looking at them.
Woman of Silence.

I do not have many words to say about this beautiful piece of sculpture. When Joanne and I walked up to view her, we were mesmerized. To see her when the sun is shining through the trees is nothing short of magnificent. Some things cannot accurately be described by words.

January 17, 2013

"Artful Healing"

                                                                            "Artful Healing" is an exhibit at the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts in Boston). It can be seen through February 18, 2013.   

This exhibition features a range of works from participants in the MFA's Artful Healing program, which brings the MFA collection and Museum educators to three partner institutions: 
Massachusetts General Hospital, Children’s Hospital Boston, and Dana Farber Cancer Institute to improve environments through art-making, promote healing, and inspire hope in patients, families, and staff. “Artful Healing” highlights approximately 40 works, including drawings, photographs, and other 2D media produced by families and individual participants in response to images from the MFA collection.

This program speaks volumes to the soul. I would not be surprised if this young boy was listening to music as he created his art. It should be instituted in all areas of the world, where the need for strength of soul is vital when fighting a serious illness. A beautiful concept put into reality.

January 12, 2013

Getting together with friends

It was raining outside last night, and thoughts of staying home and wearing my flannel comfy clothes around the house seemed like an excellent idea. However, I had made plans with friends to meet for our monthly Birthday dinner. It's a nice way to get-together, and a fun reason too! The restaurant was nearly empty, probably because the rain kept people away, which allowed us to "sing" a little louder. The food was delicious. My meal included salad, lobster filled ravioli's and a few Italian cookies for dessert. I had a happy belly!  : )

The concept of birthday gatherings seems important to everyone sitting at the table, and also of those who were unable to attend this time. It is a chance to get away from the reoccurring events that make-up our every day life. We talk just about everything under the sun, and over the moon. I am having the pleasure of getting to know two nice women by the pretty names of Antonia and Arlene, and I look forward to continuing my conversations with them. They joined the group as friends of friends, and I am so glad they did. Next month will bring a birthday that comes with a "special" number for my girlfriend, Donna. I am thinking about bringing paper horns and hats, so we can have even more fun.

Driving through the rain on my way home, I thought of how a few hours can make a happy difference in my life with friends. It would have been so easy to cancel, however, I came to my senses, slipped on my pearl earrings and grabbed an umbrella. Getting together with friends is a bit like medicine; it is needed. Only medicine does not feed the soul, friends do.

January 5, 2013

Five Random Words

Five words were once suggested to me by a very sweet person, who posed the question "what do they mean to you?" Of course each word has several meanings, however, the following definitions popped out of my head. Ask yourself this same question; it is fun!

1. Compose - I love this word for the images it conjures up in my head of creating something, whether it is a drawing, a sculpture, a piece of music, a garden or a recipe. The list is endless.With one's imagination, anything can become an element of or with something else. Compose can form the basis of something that can be a springboard to even more wonderful things.
2. Harvest - Harvest moon like a big pumpkin in the October sky. Harvest Fairs are small town gatherings for family and friends. Most importantly for me though, Harvest conjures up the meaning of hard and dutiful farm work, the kind that puts blisters on hands and dirt under fingernails. And I am thankful for every Farmer we have in our country. A sincere "thank you."
3. Object - Art object, or otherwise known as "object d'art" I think of motion caught in a moment, and it makes me smile and wonder.
4. Travel - the big wide beautiful world. Opening one's senses to learning about how other people live. They may be pretty and not so pretty, but real. I think of dreaming of far away lands and exotic places.
It also means driving to another state here in the U.S. and listening to our different regional accents, and appreciating all that we have and benefit from a collective society.
5. Wonder - Deep thoughts yet to be uncovered, or may never be. To question, challenge and daydream all that there is in the universe. The wonder of life - so large that I can't get my arms around it. Other times, wondering how amazing it is to watch something and someone grow. From a sprout to a flower blossom or a child to an adult. It's a beautiful process and sometimes, it's difficult to contain the bursting of my smile in my heart.

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year to all!

Happy New Year to all! May peace and love be your guiding light.
Best Wishes,