December 7, 2013

Women Friendships

Antoinette with her grandson Brian Robert. 
Last night I went out for a celebration. My good friend Antoinette has a birthday coming up on December 23rd. We celebrated early in the month, and her and I will celebrate Christmas for lunch soon. There were twelve of us, and I had a great time. The restaurant called "Bahama Breeze" has an island theme, hence the name. I felt as if I was in Aruba all over again. How nice! I also had the pleasure of driving with my friend Donna. It seems like ages since her and I have had one to one time to catch up. Donna and I use to work together, and had many a good laughs...many.
When I arrived home, and changed in my pajamas, I started to think about my friendships. I am very fortunate to have women friends with whom I can talk candidly. We share our thoughts and feelings whatever they may be. I  know I have love and friendship with my husband, and I have a different type of love and friendship with my women friends. As in both relationships, I believe it takes a strong effort to make time for each other. I will call my friend Antoinette today, and tell her I had a lovely time at the party. Happy Birthday Antoinette!

December 4, 2013


Can you please suggest a good book?  No science-fiction thank you. I am going on a five hour airplane flight, and want a book that is so intriguing that I will not notice all the noise around me. I have a book list somewhere, however, it is not making an appearance like I wish it would. 
Thank you for your time. : )

December 1, 2013

Happy Happy News!

So yesterday my Husband and I bought a sexy little red camera. I wanted a deep purple (no surprise there) however, it did not come in purple. So red it is and beautiful. It has a bunch of easy to use features which is great for me. We needed a new camera because the other small camera we have, stopped working properly. Shopping for cameras can be a bit daunting. There are so many features to acquaint one's self with that my eyes glazed over at times. However, this little ditty is perfect. 
You see, we are going to California (leaving December 20th) for a large family gathering. First to Sausalito, then a ranch up north, then San Franciso, then Santa Cruz. Allen and I are attaching a few extra days to this trip, and driving to Santa Cruz to see if the whales are around. Hence, just one of our reasons for the new camera. I will post pictures upon our return.
In addition to seeing family and enjoying their company, I am going to see my dearest friend Sandy and her husband Angel. It has been too too long since her and I have been in each other's company. I love them...both of them. They live on a house boat in Sausalito, which is an interesting way to live. I visited them once on the house boat, and fell in love with it. It feels like vacation...all the time. So, at the "almost" end of this year, I will be enroute to seeing family and a long time friend. I am very happy about this.