May 2, 2009

Have you ever met an Angel or two?

"I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives." - Tracy Chapman

I know two women (Mary and Theresa) that I am fortunate enough to call my dear friends (and neighbors). We have laughed, we have helped each other, we have shared confidences, I bake - they enjoy it. It is all good!

This is the beautiful view from their front door from last summer. They planted all the flowers you see. And you can be sure, it will look just as beautiful this summer. They should sell tickets!

Mary and Theresa treat Mother Earth, animals and people with the same amount of love and kindness. Mary, the guru Gardener has generously shared with me her insights to working with clay soil, along with dealing with various invaders. Her sense of humor is priceless, and she makes me glad I have a Gardener friend.

Theresa is the Assistant Gardener, who helps and contributes alot of information. She has learned alot about gardening from Mary. Theresa is an extremely kind soul. And because of Theresa's nursing background, I always wear my garden gloves.

My Hubby Allen is also a contributor to gardening. He is an expert at digging holes, and he does it with a smile! :)

The following picture is another one of their garden photos in full bloom from last year. They are something fantastic! This summer, I will take more pictures of their garden and if they let me, I will snap a photo or two of both, Mary and Theresa. I really do believe they are angels in everyday clothes.


  1. Gardens keep you appreciating life and show you the value of hard work. Thanks for sharing the photos. All the best. LL

  2. Oh Kathy!!! These are absolutely heavenly! So fitting for two angels. Is there someplace to sit in the middle of all of this?

  3. And you are so kind to share these events and these feelings with us.
    Have a wonderful day

  4. Lorenzo & Ariadone - Thank you.

    Kathy - They don't have seating in the front (where we took the pics. last summer), however, they have a patio in the back w/another garden and table and chairs. It's beautiful!

  5. I admire people who can create such lovely gardens. Your friends need to start a blog to show the rest of us their secrets!

  6. Ahaaaaaa!!! So thàt's THE secret. Having angels as friends makes your garden blossom....You're a lucky woman.

  7. Willou - I will ask Mary if she would want to start a blog.

    Middle - Hi and so glad to see you are back! :O)

    C.T. - LOL and Welcome back. Hope your trip was great!

  8. They say you can't pick your family or your neighbors but it sure looks like you couldn't have chosen any better than those angels! Lucky! More garden photos!!!

  9. Oh MY! I would like Theresa and Angela to come to my garden! :-)

  10. Angels are among us some we know and some we only feel. This garden is breath taking! It is a love that will keep on giving... I'm sure they think you are an angel to them. xoxo


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