January 28, 2012

Photographs and Memories

Many photos have an obvious story behind them, while others just hint of one. I love photographs. They sing to me, they make me smile...they make me glad that I have them to cherish. They sit on my desk in what I call the room that is "my space".
There is a photo of Mom & Dad, my friend Isabelle, me (as a little girl), my younger brother in the first grade with his two front teeth out...so cute. A day with the girls at a winery in NY State. The girlfriend's photo is of big smiles on a bright and sunny day. However, it is bittersweet because one of them is no longer with us. She passed away from illness. At one time, I thought about taking the photo down because of the pain I felt. However, I soon realized the photo makes me smile, and I want to see Carole smiling back, knowing what a great time we had that day, along with many other days. It is all part of life...the smiles and the tears. When you look below at the photos, you will get a glimpse of several of the people in my life. I have more photos that need to be framed in order to preserve the paper (and of course look nice.) Those photos are also a piece of who I am, and what I have become. So, as I write this, I see this is now on my 2012 list of things to do. A rather small project, but you haven't seen me in a frame shop. I could stay all day and create. :)

Younger brother in the first grade.

Mom & Dad's wedding day, circa 1945
Fun day at a NY State Jazz Festival at Seneca Lake. Left to Right: Joanne, Erin & Carole.
My dear friend Isabelle
Yours truly

January 24, 2012

The New Year

Around December 31st, I tend to reflect on the outgoing year. I think about the world on a global level, then pare down to my corner of the world...the good, the bad, the not so pretty, the beautiful and tenderness that life has to give. And I always always say goodbye to the "former" year on New Year's Eve. It's my way of closure.
Now-New Year's Resolutions...mmmm not so much. I find that when I make a resolution, and then don't follow through with it, a negative thought pops into my head, and I don't want negative thoughts popping into my head. I just continue with my bucket or scratch off list, whatever people like to call it, and keep moving on in a positive direction.

So, with that written, I wish all of you a very Happy and Bright New Year!