May 18, 2009

Seating for two?

While my Hubby and I were out shopping at a garden nursery, we found this lovely bench, or...should I say it found us. We pulled into a parking space, and there it was positioned right in front of us on a landing. Talk about fate. Well, I momentarily forgot about the Cleome Senorita that we were looking for, and began to examine this love seat. It is very comfortable to sit in (good lower back support), and just a neat way to sit with someone. Well, it turns out they didn't have the Cleome Senorita, but they did have this lovely seat for two, and now it is ours.
(This past winter, our grass was used for carpet by the squirrels and birds as they feasted from the bird feeder). New grass seed has been put down, but when will we not see the patches anymore?)

The bench takes company with a French Bakers Rack

Some details of natures' lovelies

We have already sat on this love seat, and like it uniqueness. I can envision us having a glass of tea or sharing a bowl of summer delights such as raspberries or blueberries, while sitting on our bench. I am so glad 'it' found us!


  1. Lovely! That garden seat reminds me of the gossip bench my grandmother had, how fun! I need to do a post on all my new purple flowers. You have inspired me!!

  2. You where brought together! You'll have some lovely summers in that love seat!

    XXX, Carmie.

  3. Kathy, I love the seat AND YOU HAVE A TURTLE ON THE BAKER'S RACK!!!! :::)))) I love turtles.
    BTW The bunnies got to two of the pots on the steps. My Tree Guard spray was shipped yesterday and cannot get her quickly enought!

  4. I love the seat! I'm glad you bought it as soon as you found it. It's been my experience that if you find something you like and don't buy it, it won't be there when you go back. I'm still kicking myself over a vintage hanging planter I passed up at the flea market. I look for it every week, but I haven't seen it since.

  5. Oh, that is a wonderful garden seat.
    It just seems like it was meant to be for you to have it! Enjoy!

  6. This seat is so sweet!! I love it! I noticed your little shoe pot I have one too, not as fancy but I have one. LOL...

  7. Joyce - I bought that boot at the Renaissance Faire in NY State one summer. It was a 'had to have it' specimen. Although it weighs about 70 lbs, we move it every Fall and Spring.

  8. There is a wonderful (similar) bench at the NY Botanical Garden that I think you would love. I must search for a photo!


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