May 17, 2009 sit down

I love this chair and of course, the view. Time spent there is priceless. We live in a fast pace world, which makes it vital to take time to heal, soothe our souls, and rest our eyes and spirits.


  1. Breathtakingly gorgeous! Are those cosmos? What a peaceful place to renew oneself!

  2. I pass a lovely home with adirondack chairs perched on a hill and they always look so inviting...just as your chair seems to beckon me to come and sit a spell.

  3. Kathy - Cosmos are in the daisy family.

    Patricia - You are invited anytime.

  4. I don't think I could pull myself away from that serene spot once I sat down!

  5. I adore adirondack chairs. I would love to sit right beside you and share a tall glass of tea as we sit back and chat. Big hugs coming your way. xoxo

  6. You have such a lovely garden...and what a wonderful spot to you have many different kinds of areas, sunny and shady?

  7. Thank you.

    Nan: Yes, I do have south sun in the front that is a burning sun, and difficult at times to keep the flowers from burning in July and August.
    Thankfully, we have shade in the backyard, so I can plant ferns, etc. and have pots of impatiens and coleus.

  8. AMEN!!
    No more words needed here, now you've found your "space" as well.
    XXX, carmie.


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