January 29, 2011

A space of my own.

Photograph of "Woman Looking to Sea" by David Schock

We have a guest room on the second floor that is quite comfortable for anyone. They even get their own full bathroom. This room is also spacious enough to make a space of my own. Music, and a small water works fountain fills the room with tranquility. There is artwork and photography on the walls. And then there is my chair with an ottoman!

The chair is my place where I seep deeply into daydreaming (not the same as daydreaming at a red traffic light). I read, knit and nap there. I can watch the snow fall from the windows, and it is simply delightful and inspiring. I love this room. The walls are painted a summer sky blue. Overall it's "my space" and I love it very much. In the past, my "spaces" have been very different from each other, however, I always made room to carve out something for myself.

January 26, 2011

Will this make you smile?

I took this photograph last summer, when I felt loved by the sun. I hope it jogs your memory to a time when shovels and gloves were a distant thought.
I do love the sight of falling snow: the quiet and peace that it brings. HOWEVER...the above photo is what I am now starting to think about .

And for those of you who love those sunny days of Spring (who doesn't) when there is dappled sunlight through the trees, here's looking at beautfiul pansies. courtesy of sweet AbbyJ.
Are you thinking of the happy Spring sun?

January 21, 2011

Some things about me.

A special Thank you to the lovely Jessica at 24corners for presenting me with a Blogging Award.

The main premise is:
to write about oneself in order to let people know more about you. Instead of nominating others (there are so so many), I have decided to let you in on a few more "insights" about me. Okay fellow Bloggers, here it goes.

- When I walk into a stationary shop, I get an adrenaline rush. Shoes hmmm, not quite as much as the feel of fine paper. I know it sounds strange: paper over leather. Where have I gone wrong? :)

- James Taylor is one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters. His voice carries me away to a land of peace and sunshine. If only our World Leaders would listen to him.

- My favorite dessert is tiramasu.

- Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" gets played in our home on a regular basis.

- I prefer world literature for reading: Women writers as well as their Male counterparts. I also love poetry. It's the sugar in my tea.

- American-Italian is my background. I am an American first (having been born here) and am full of Italian heritage. I am one of four (second to youngest). My parents had two boys and two girls.

- My Father went across the Rainbow Bridge in 2004. His name was Rosario, he was a good man, and I miss him everyday.

- Nature is fascinating. The colors and hues of the sunsets during the four seasons amaze me. The winter sunset is full of pinks and lavenders. While the summer sunset is reflective of the hot oranges and yellows.

- Hearing people laugh is heart-warming: I especially love my Mother's giggle and my Husband's belly laugh. So great!

- Trust, humor and honesty are the basis for my friendships. I gladly recipercate. Friendships are extremely dear to me, and I hold them close.

- Attending Spin class is important for me. It helps me feel good with all those endorphins swimming around in my head.

- I strongly believe in the fairness and equality within the human race, animals included.

- Listening to my instincts is very important for me to do. I've learned that a knee-jerk action or reaction is not the way to live my life. My Father taught me to think things through. I get a better result.

- I am a romantic.

- I hope you have better insight about me. ~Kathleen

January 20, 2011

It's raining... umbrellas!

The umbrellas (two, three, and four) can be found at the Museum of Modern Art (NYC) here

I have an interest in umbrellas. Sometimes I wonder if it tells abit about someone's personality, or did they just grab the first one they saw in the closet. Some people view an umbrella as a functional object to shield themselves from raindrops. Other people have the need to make an artistic statement with colorful and/or bold patterns. There are those people, who in like the third photo prefer to look conservative, however, all the while walking with blue skies above them... with an almost secretive smile. It is almost like they know something no one else does.

I have two umbrellas. One is small in size: black with a white geometric pattern around the edges. I consider that my rather conservative one. The second and favorite umbrella is a melding of colors (pinks, greens, purples). Think Monet painting. When I purchased it, I knew that it will make me smile while missing the puddles.
What covers your head when it is raining?

January 18, 2011

Do you dare?

Isn't this photo adorable? Unfortunately, I can't remember where I found it...oops!
Now, in my opinion, she is being creative. Maybe that's alittle over the top for most people, however, my question to you is what have you done lately to be creative in anyway, shape, or form? I would love to hear from you!

January 15, 2011

A warm winter girl...that's me!

Plaque by Mary Engelbreit

Don't you just love hearing the dryer hum as it warms your bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets and clothes- specifically during the wintertime? When I was a kid, my Mother had a dryer and an outside clothes line for summertime use. As a kid, I would run through the white sheets or pretend that I was a mummy, until 'mommy' told me not to pull on the clothespins. When I was outside playing during the big snowstorms of the day, my Mother always had extra pairs of socks on top of the dryer at the ready. Still to this day, putting on warm socks is one of my favorite things.

January 12, 2011

White as snow...only warmer.

Artist: Orangery (Etsy). She is so sweet to e-mail with. I love her work!
A blanket of snow covered us while we were snug in our beds. So soft in the night. Although a snow storm may have its inconveniences, I still think it is a beautiful sight.

January 11, 2011


"The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless." ~Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I sometimes tend to hold onto what is safe and reliable in my life. The familiar is so easy. However, lately I have been thinking about stepping out of my box into unchartered territory. The thought is exciting, yet scary. They are rather small steps, however, meaningful to me. I thank the blogging world for opening my eyes even further, to enlighten and help this flower to bloom.

January 8, 2011

Do you have a special one?

I know I have written about this cutie some time ago, however, the thought behind it is worth mentioning again. My Mother's favorite color is light pink, and she drinks her morning coffee from a light pink mug. Allen drinks his specialty tea from a handsome dark blue china mug that was once his Mother's.
It is nice to have a favorite beverage cup & saucer or mug with which to drink your coffe, tea, hot cocoa,etc.
We have a nice collection, as do most people. My most recent favorites: a heart shape cup & saucer which I adore....or my ole' time favorite Mary Engelbreit mug. It is a tough decision, but someone needs to do it.

Do you have a "special" cup & saucer or mug?
Happy Weekend!

January 2, 2011

All it took was a look...and I was hooked.

The Burlington Facade of the Royal Academy of Arts, London, England.

Artist: Timothy Richards

I received this beautiful work of art for Christmas. It is one of many arch doorways (the Burlington facade) of the Royal Academy of Arts - London, England. Created by Timothy Richards, it is one of a kind, made in Bath, England.
I could refer to it as a book-end, but would rather define it as a piece of architectural sculpture. It is difficult to capture the detail and beauty of this lovely work of art via digital camera. This particular photo was the one I chose. When I sit in our living room, I find myself staring at this beauty, admiring it. Now, all I have to do is go to the actual Royal Academy of Arts. Until then...I smile.