May 24, 2009

Your legacy...

(A double Impatien from my garden)

As time goes by, I tend to think how quickly the months and years pass. It may be part of the aging process, because when I was just a kid, I thought twenty-eight was really really old. I think that idea is still around, according to the kids I talk with.

Although I love simplicity in its purest form, the other side of me inately questions life on a deeper level. I have always loved taking philosophy classes. They seemed to have tickled a chord in me that asks questions, not so easily answered.

My thought today on this quiet Sunday morning is 'What is the legacy you want to leave?' I find that topic extremely interesting. It gives me insight as to what a person feels is one of (if not) the utmost important character traits in their lives.

I would like for people to remember that I indiscriminately love people, pets and nature (oh, and chocolate ice cream). I live my life in such a way, whereby I try everday to say a kind word to someone, or perform a deed for someone. It's not a life assignment. It is a passion and the love in my heart that I need and want to share.


  1. My legacy?! That's a hard question to answer in english (for me)'s more or less the same what you've written in the last few lines of your post. Yes....the love and sharing part!!!'s too difficult for me to write it down here, sorry :-(
    But I can tell you one think: I loooooove to ask questions, but it always seemded to bother my friends; "Why can't you just take it as it is / comes???" was a line I always heard and sometimes still hear from them.
    I just love to think and discuss about certain topics. We shouldn't just take everything for we??

  2. I love your thoughts here~ and CT's. I think trying to be the best we can and seeing the very best in others. Being kind and editing what might come out before it actually does. I like getting into deep conversation and finding out more about those that I care for- but it's not always comfortable for some. Learning not to push too much.

  3. C.T., Debra and Kathy: thank you for your comments. I respect them immensely. It may seem like a difficult question for a post in a blog environment. However, I strongly believe it is thought provoking.

  4. I cherish nature and chocolate ice cream too...

  5. Mary-Laure: Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Legacy - I immediately think of my parents and they way they always look for the good. I would want to be remembered for the good....for sharing goodness and glory.
    Love your new header! It makes me feel goodness and glory in the world...thrilled that you already put it up!
    Hope you have a day full of good.

  7. Patricia - I also love it. It makes me smile!

  8. Great post! I haven't given much thought to the legacy I want to leave. I suppose the easy answer would be that my children are my legacy. Other than that, I think I would like to be remembered as being a giving person (love, time, attention, friendship).

  9. Willou - your legacy speaks volumes.

  10. First off...Your new header is outstanding! I love it...PVE is so super talented.

    My legacy? Eek...I can't even imagine! But I hope I always manage to bring smile to someone's face. And that I help make the world a better place in some small way.


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