September 30, 2010


The length of time between posts doesn't matter, as long as there's the hope of more to come.

September 19, 2010

September at the beach

I went to the beach yesterday (Avon by the Sea) with my friend Susan. We had a delightful time! September is a wonderful month to visit the NJ coastline. The crowds of people are nowhere to be seen, and the only beach goers who are there are book Readers, Surfers, Walkers/Joggers and Photographers.

Although the day was breezy, the sun was shining its brilliant self. The beach is a great place to reflect and close one's eyes while listening to the sound of the waves. As you already know it is indeed one of Earth's greatest pleasures.

September 12, 2010

A time to renew

Recently, Allen and I went on vacation. It is a special place where people do not lock their front doors and everyone waves hello. Many people drive along the white shell roads with golf carts. I read several books, ate homemade ice cream (and yogurt), wore my straw hat and relaxed.

A ride along the coastline

Early morning at the beach

This was my means of transportation - love that basket and bell.

The large bolders and white sandy beaches are a joy to visit in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Yummy black raspberry yogurt and sitting at a picnic table looking at cute sheep, while the sun begins to set.

Bicycling around the neighborhood. Lovely sites were all around me.

The backyard view in early morning, taken by Allen.

As always vacations have to end, however, the memories linger on. :)

September 4, 2010

A visit to a special museum

This was not part of my going away summer vacation, however it
was a great Sunday morning day trip into New York City. We live
approximately fifty minutes west of the city (in suburbia). Allen
and I arrived early in the morning, visited some of our favorite
sites, and left when the crowds started to come through the
doors. I have a special place in my heart for this museum for
a variety of reasons. It's a beautiful place for one to feed the soul.
Note: I wanted to take photos of some of my favorite Claude Monet paintings, however, they did not come out well. Also, our favorite Joan de Arc painting was out on loan. There is so much to see: Asian, African, Western European, Eastern European, various religious artwork from centuries past. And I am probably missing many sections of the museum.

The Metropolitan Museum in NYC is too vast to visit just once. I have been visiting countless times since my teenage years, and don't know if I have fully explored the entire museum. It is breathtaking, educational, and exceptional.

A particular angle of the European sculpture garden. There were many people wondering around (like us) to take a photo of the entire room. In the background, you can see an Artist sketching. It was in this skylit sculpture room, that Allen proposed to me! : )

On the rooftop of the museum is the Cantor garden. There is a wonderful view of much of the city. Above is a slice of Central Park with the well known Plaza Hotel in the backdrop.

An interesting room of European style armor.

The American Wing Sunroom - this is inside the museum

A sculpture relief of a staircase in the American Wing

Stained glass Tiffany with waterfall

I hope you have enjoyed just a slice of this wonderous
and special place.