May 7, 2009

Create Balance

"If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done."
- Ludwig Wittgenstein

This quote posed a pause in my thinking. Some people tend to think intelligence = serious, while silly is just plain silly. Not so! Thankfully, we have playgrounds so school children can go outside and and shed the books in order to create shapes out of the clouds.

The serious side of life can sometimes consume us, and that is when it is necessary to find balance. It could be creating something from clay, a run, playing the piano, telling jokes, reading the comics. There are a myriad of ways by which someone can, and should shake off the seriousness by doing the opposite. This is called balance, ying/yang, whatever you want to call it. Run, jump, and play - it is all good.

Many an evening, my Hubby and I will dance in the kitchen or living room. There is no music, our steps are not matching up to the sound on the tv etc. I call him Fred, he calls me Ginger. We laugh and laugh and it feels good to act silly.

Do you have a balance in your life?


  1. Hahaaaahh...You are my kind of woman!! And the quote is one I'm going to copy RIGHT now to write it down in my little 2009 notebook.
    XXX, Carmie.

  2. You're right. Silly is not only good, it's important.

  3. What a lovely post... and a great reminder. So important to remember to keep a balance... some humor and silliness can be just the thing to keep one healthy!

  4. I couldn't agree more! You need laughter and silliness to offset the difficult times in life.

    When my daughter was in the hospital and very ill, my husband and I would take a break outside and find the most ridiculous things to laugh at. We were living in a state of constant tension and needed that outlet to keep our sanity during her long hospital stay.

  5. Great post! I am very good at play. Today I donned my very silly, colorful rain boots and took off on errands. So many stopped and ask about my silly boots. After the last chore was done- I just stomped around in a puddle for a few minutes. Now I have to get serious and clean out my bedroom drawers!


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