May 16, 2009

Color the world one flower at a time

Our Firewitch is burning bright with the color fuschia. Such an eye catcher.

This is our Garden girl with purple Alliums behind her. We call these flowers purple balloons, because that is what they look like, although they were in full bloom last week. Oh well, things come and go so quickly around here. :)

I love Poppies. The color yellow just 'pops' in the garden, and the leaves remind me of Italian parsley.

We love our Azaela bush. We did not prune it at all, and the effect is very unique. Hubby loves it!

The Menton Tulips have continued to show us their gorgeous colors until late this week. We enjoyed their long green stems with large pinkish-coral petals. They became neighbors with the pansies. :)


  1. I very much enjoyed the tour of your lovely garden and beautiful photos! I love gardens this time of year, the colors are so rich and every day brings a new surprise.
    best wishes,

  2. POPpies...or Pop pies, never though of that but they really do add some brilliant bursts to the garden! I'd love fo rmy garden boy or meet your garden girl :^)

  3. I'm going to be working on my garden this weekend if the weather cooperates.

    I hope you're doing ok.

  4. Oh your garden looks like a piece of heaven! A beautiful place to relax and get lost in your thoughts. I moved my laptop from the family room to the dining table so I could look out back to watch the sun peak through the trees, watch the chimpmunks and squirrels running out back and the birds picking at my seeds. LOL...

    Wishing you a warm weekend my friend! xoxo

  5. I've been sitting here 'oohing and ahhing'. Gorgeous!
    A chipmunk has now added himself to the equation! And the battle rages. I just bought several bottles of Tree Guard from Gempler's and hopefully it will arrive on Monday.
    My son brought me several yards of manure and compost for the rose garden. (He has horses.) This is my present for Mother's Day. I've never seen so many worms -- and now so many robins!
    This place is a freakin' zoo!

  6. Nan - Thank you for your sweet words. And I agree, everyday does bring a new surprise. We just had a red poppy bloom next to a yellow one from the same bulb!

    Abby - let's keep up on the summer garden; it's good for the soul.

    Middle - I'm trying to get through this trying time. I miss Leo so much. He was my buddy (followed me all around the house).I miss everything about him. :(
    Enjoy your garden time.

    joyce - thank you, and I'm glad you are able to be mobile enough to move your computer around so you can see the wildlife.

    Kathy - you should tickets to your garden. Hope it all works out for you. I have several buds on my knockout roses. Can't wait to bloom!

  7. WOW...what's your secret for getting those tulips to bloom so long/late?! I am jealous. I want to try tulips bulbs in the "off season" so I think I'll look into Menton for sure.

    Your garden looks FANTASTIC!


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