April 30, 2009

A Steuben beauty

My Hubby's parents had the good fortune of collecting many Steuben handblown glassworks in the shapes and forms of animals. Allen and his three siblings each have a sizable collection of their own thanks to their parents, who had excellent taste in art and other collectibles.

Our collection consists of several animals, although the elephant is my favorite. I love the ears and trunk, and everything else about it. I also enjoy holding it in my hands and feeling the weight and quality of the piece. When I look at it, I think of the real animal. I am fascinated by the closeness of their family and how they raise their young. They are a symbol of wisdom in Asian cultures and are famed for their memory and intelligence. I think they are a very interesting mammal.

This elephant is a treasure in our house. The other Steuben animals are all beautiful in their own way, however, my eyes always revert to this elephant.

Do you have a special something in your house that sparkles? (And I don't mean your kitchen floor) ;)

April 29, 2009

They came, they saw, they conquered

They stopped by sometime in the middle of the night, unannounced. They ate the Virich striped flowers, probably the most delicious ones because of the two tone colors.

They left without a note, just a bunch of stems and leaves. Oh well, I still love Bambi.

April 27, 2009

An Iris by any other name...

This is my photo of a Rosario Iris. I planted eight small ones in an arc shape (a nice design) approximately two years ago. When they all bloom, I will try and capture their full beauty. However, sometimes, beauty is but a fleeting moment.

I planted these flowers in honor of my Father, whose name was Rosario. Isn't that a great name?! I didn't cut them back last Fall, I just let the green stems and leaves "be there" through the winter. In additon to shrubs, I like some greenery for those stark winter days, when the garden is sleeping. I am always looking for alittle color.

Well, it is another Spring season and they are back, looking bloomin' good as ever.
Thanks Dad. I don't need to see them to remind me of you. I just love that a beautiful flower is called Rosario.

April 24, 2009

Blowin' in the wind...

We have a piece of copper artwork hanging from a tree in our backyard. We don't know its official name, so we call it 'copper art'. It is an unusual and pretty shape. The interesting part about it, is that it twirls around when the wind blows, and sways to and fro when the wind is low. Yet the three blue marble-like balls that are wired in coil remain still. It is a piece of art that I can stare at for a long time and daydream. Here I go again on that daydream topic...
It probably moves by some law of physics, however, I am here to daydream, not to do math equations.
Nevertheless, should you see something like this in in your journeys, my suggestion would be to purchase it. It's fun!

April 21, 2009

Earth - it's the only home we have.


April 20, 2009

April 18, 2009


"Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. and the third is to be kind."
Author: Henry James

April 17, 2009

O' Tulip...you are...

So beautiful!
I love countless types of flowers, shrubs, trees and practically everything else that grows outside except the poison ivy family (I can start itching as I type the words). However, there is something about the Menton tulip that has me captured. And I think I know what it is - the shades it exudes. It's not all pink, or all peach, or all coral. It's a gorgeous melange of several different shades of different families. At times, I almost see a rosy-like shade on it.
We have a group of them outside, quite large in fact. Some have opened during the day, showing their exquisite layers of colors. And some are a wee bit shy, and are waiting for their moment of "ta da" to occur. In the photo above, this one, is not quite ready to come out, however, what I love about it most is that it's just beginning to unfurl. You can see that at the top of the petals. One can only imagine what shades and colors will come out when this beauty decides to show herself. I love that layering look. It is abit mysterious, yet knowing. Can you tell I am a fan?!

April 16, 2009

My Little Girl

Front View

Back and Side Profile

Hair Bow

The 'Little Dancer Aged Fourteen' is a bronze statue created by French late 19th century Artist Edgar Degas (birth name is Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas).

She exudes everything a Ballerina should: poise,impecible posture, grace, concentration, perfect stance, and simple elegance. One cannot help but touch the bow in her hair, feel her clasped hands, touch her textured hair, and her sculptured face.

This bronze reproduction stands in our Dining Room with enough space around her so the Viewer has full scope of this beautiful young lady. When I found her, I knew that she was mine to keep, but mostly to admire and share with others.

A day does not go by where I don't walk by her and look, glance and acknowledge that she is with us. The past few summers, we enjoyed her on our patio. She gave a visual perception that was great from the front entrance. A vertical line brought the eye directly to her. However, I don't know if she will come out this summer, or stay with us in the Dining Room.

I've also named her in honor of my friend Isabelle with an ever so slight change to Isabella. I am sure my friend Isabelle would not mind.

Isabelle: My friend and a lovely Lady

Her name was Isabelle, and she lived across the street from me. I would run over to her house in my fuzzy slippers, and she would be standing at the door, smiling. She loved her clothing wardrobe, and matched it all up - very important to this stylish lady. She had a soft voice, sky blue twinkling eyes and was the epitome of a sweet lady, as her photo depicts.

She would sit in her rocking chair, and I would stretch out on the paisley chaise lounge, while she talked to me about gardening. Her yard always had something in bloom. She said that many years ago, she 'planned and planted' her flowers and small trees, so there would always be something in bloom. I never forgot her wise words.

One night Isabelle had a heart attack. During the few days she was in the hospital, I visited her every afternoon and evening. I knew of the inevitable loss forthcoming and had a mix of feelings. Crazy as it seems, I painted my living room with a fervor like never before. That night I went to see her, and told her about the painting, knowing she use to paint the interior of her house in her younger days. I showed her the color swatch, her favorite color - buttery yellow. Her eyes twinkled; I knew she liked it. That was the last time I saw Isabelle alive. She passed away that evening.

Isabelle lives on in my life. Every Spring I make sure I have pansies in the garden, and by our front door for her. She died April 16, 1998, and I will always honor her.

April 14, 2009

They have arrived!

Left side of garden with trellis

Yellow Horn Daffodil

Key Largo Tulip

Yellow and Pink Tulip with raindrops

April 11, 2009

Welcoming Ways...

One of my favorite things to do when family and friends arrive at our home, is to greet them with "benvenuto" (meaning welcome in Italian). Our intentions are to make people feel good, and as a Host and Hostess, that is the start of our plan.

We have a quote (author unknown) that is stenciled at the top of one of our living room walls. You may need to enlargen the picture. I took the photo in December, so the lighting in the house was different. The quote does not dominate the room, yet it is pronounced enough to see, and promotes lively conversation. We sincerely mean the feelings that are behind the words. We love when people stay, laugh, eat, enjoy the music, and leave with some wrapped food. We want our guests to feel welcome and warm inside. It is what we do.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to you. For those of you who celebrate neither, I wish you a beautiful day!

April 10, 2009

A little charm

When I was leaving behind my tomboy years, and entering my teenage years, I received a charm bracelet as a gift. Within the span of one or two years, I received several pretty charms. The delicate silver link chain, combined with the charms, would jingle-jangle, and I loved the sound of it. I had two different Christmas charms, a confirmation charm (back then confirmations were made much earlier than today), and a birthday charm. All of the charms had the names of the giver on the back, along with a few sentimental words (Bless those Engravers). I was very smitten with my charm bracelet. I enjoyed walking around the house and going to family gatherings, moving my wrist to and fro nonchalantly (of course), hearing the melodious sounds of charms clinking. It made me smile.

Unfortunately, I haven't the smallest clue as to where this charm bracelet is today. I have always been careful with my jewelry, but this goodie has just slipped off my wrist. I will always remember this bracelet, one or two items in particular. They were from my parents, and had....plenty of charm.

April 9, 2009

Garden of Hope

The colorful image to the left caught my attention by its colors and 3-D like appearance. I have not analyzed it beyond that. Sometimes, art just needs to be looked at and loved (or not). I happen to love this one for its artistry and title. I think everyone in the world could use a garden of HOPE.

April 8, 2009

Easter is coming to you!

Mini Daffodils

Our Easter Decorations

Apricot Beauties (early bloomers)

For anyone who is having lots of rainy days, I want to share with you some Easter and outdoor flower goodies from our garden, to help get you through those consecutive rainy days. Just know that the sun will shine soon.

April 7, 2009

One month and one day late

I wanted to post about Georgia O'Keefe last month on March 6th, the anniversary of her death. Actually, in place of using the word "death" I prefer to think of her in a celebratory way, for she gave us so much, and continues to do so. I have already written about her in a former post, but I just can't help myself. Her creativity and strength moves me in ways I can't describe. I could scan countless prints and photographs taken of her by her husband Alfred Stieglitz, however, I think I will this choose one.

April 5, 2009

Early Spring is in my front yard.

"Nature always wears the color of the spirit."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
(Hubby photographed the flowers)

April 4, 2009

Doors & Windows & Archways....oh my!

I have had an interest in different types of doors, windows and archways for years. They provoke me to think about the aesthetics of specific areas of architecture. It all depends on the eyes and the hearts that are doing the looking. I find most unique windows and doors beautiful at best and interesting otherwise. There are some castles that had very few windows (or cut-out windows) for protection from wars. There are contemporary homes that have ceiling to floor windows sweeping around both sides of its structure. Whether new or ancient, do you look at windows and doors? I hope so!

April 3, 2009

Three Friends

People who have visited Martha's Vineyard know it is an island off the coast of Cape Cod. It largely consists of charming old fashion New England architecture, colorful Victorian gingerbread houses, picket fences everywhere covered in roses, craftman-made stone walls, and screened in porches. There are plentiful lighthouses, little white churches and elegant Captain's houses. Have I enticed you yet?

My Hubby and I took a wonderful vacation to MV one year in the late April. It was one of my most memorable vacations. Everyday was a new adventure, discovering the many parts of the island, which are different in a variety of ways. A real treat was meeting the native Islanders, who have a rich history in traditions. You see, by going on one of the shoulder seasons (Autumn being the other), the population is relatively low (about 15,000 compared to summer months of 150,000 - yes I have the zero's correct). We thoroughly enjoyed not having to wait on lines, and driving the narrow windy roads was great. We were able to see Springtime unfold with renewed joy: flowering fields and trees, a real sight to behold!

One item we discovered which was totally different than anything else we found on the Vineyard were these sculptures on someone's side lawn. They were just standing there for the viewing. Needless to say, for two people who enjoy sculpture as much as we do, our car came to an abrupt halt, and out we scooted with camera in hand. No one was around, and with joyous abandonment, we walked around these "3 friends" who I named, and laughed and smiled. I believe that is what the Artist intended. And I hope you do too!

April 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to my friend Joanne!

Today, April 2nd, is my very good friends' Birthday. Her name is Joanne, and if you ever met her, chances are you would like her too. She was the headliner in my Jan.
9th post about girlfriends.

As busy as Joanne's life is, she always finds time to listen, and to - just be. I believe that is ever so important in this sometimes insanely fast-paced world that we live in.
To just sit and talk, or maybe not talk. To sit and listen to the music that plays, and really listen to the words, without cutting them off with our own words. To stare at a painting, and not have to comment every 5 seconds about it, but to breathe it in like a heady wine. To allow for more than one of the senses to envelope you, so you become one with where you are, and who you are. Joanne is one of those friends with whom I can do all that.

She understands that life is not always a garden of flowers, and that the music is not always light-hearted. There's hurt and sadness in this world, and she is extremely compassionate for others and their feelings. Without people like Joanne in this world, I believe the world would lose its soul.

Joanne's spirit and energy is vital for life to be pursued in the most beautiful way. She does look for that garden of flowers, and breathes each one in, as if it's her first time ever doing so. Her excitement is contagious. To me, that is a simple innocence, at any age.

I could continue to describe Joanne, for she is so insightful and deep. However, I believe all words need to come to an end dear Readers. You get the jest of what I am saying: Joanne is a beautiful human being, inside and out.

Joanne: I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I cherish our friendship and always will.
With love,
Your friends always,

April 1, 2009

April FOOD Day


So many people who never thought they would need food assistance are now asking for help from their local food bank. They have lost their jobs through massive layoffs, and despair is a sinking ship. Elderly people on fixed incomes are finding that costs are out-pacing their incomes. Who thought the senior years would be the hardship it has become for many people, who worked so hard for so many years.

Please click on the links below for more information about April Food Day and information on where your nearest food bank is located. Whether it is your pocket change, the glass jar filled with dollar bills or your wallet.

Remember: Pennies add up to dollars.

The blog is: http://aprilfoodday.blogspot.com/

The feeding America site is: http://feedingamerica.blogspot.org/

Thank you in advance for your actions. It makes a difference!