May 22, 2009

Beginning of rose season

Flowers from my garden.

Juliet Rose: I love looking at the tight bud and then the unfurling of its beauty. Our friends who gave us this rose bush call it "marmalade" for its exquisite coloring.

A wonderland of colors within a rose.

The closed bud to the left standing at attention is about to bloom like her sisters.

(Knockout Rose) A salute to Memorial Day.


  1. Kathy, These are beautiful!

  2. Those are exquisite!
    Tonight I was so happy to notice the first beach rose of the season when we took a walk near the ocean...I think they are early this year.
    The Rosa rugosa represents summer to me and I love their fragrance and how they can grow even out of the sand.
    Have a good holiday weekend!

  3. Very pretty! I hope you all are doing ok.

  4. Thanks for the reminder to stop and smell the roses.
    I will show you mine - once they open - very soon!

  5. These are spectacular. I have a hard time with Roses...I love them and so does every bug for miles!!!

  6. Patricia - looking forward to it.

    Debra - try "knock out" roses. They are mildew and bug resistant.

    MAW - We are doing alright. Missing him dearly though.

  7. Your roses are beautiful! I'm a sucker for roses, myself, especially the old fashioned varieties with the heavy fragrance. Mine did well last year until the Japanese Beetles got to them (and everything else in my yard!). Do you have that problem?

  8. Willou - one year we had the beetles, and they destroyed everything. Lately, we've been using "Liquid Fence". It doesn't hurt the plants but creates a scent that animals don't like. It creates a fence-like enviornment. We were lucky last year w/the Japanese beetle, but the year before, our garden looked ravaged.
    One other thing: try "Knock out Roses" they are the best. Resistant to mold, bugs, everything. You can clip them in the summertime and they keep growing. Love full sun. They are completely maintenance free. Try one.


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