January 21, 2011

Some things about me.

A special Thank you to the lovely Jessica at 24corners for presenting me with a Blogging Award.

The main premise is:
to write about oneself in order to let people know more about you. Instead of nominating others (there are so so many), I have decided to let you in on a few more "insights" about me. Okay fellow Bloggers, here it goes.

- When I walk into a stationary shop, I get an adrenaline rush. Shoes hmmm, not quite as much as the feel of fine paper. I know it sounds strange: paper over leather. Where have I gone wrong? :)

- James Taylor is one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters. His voice carries me away to a land of peace and sunshine. If only our World Leaders would listen to him.

- My favorite dessert is tiramasu.

- Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" gets played in our home on a regular basis.

- I prefer world literature for reading: Women writers as well as their Male counterparts. I also love poetry. It's the sugar in my tea.

- American-Italian is my background. I am an American first (having been born here) and am full of Italian heritage. I am one of four (second to youngest). My parents had two boys and two girls.

- My Father went across the Rainbow Bridge in 2004. His name was Rosario, he was a good man, and I miss him everyday.

- Nature is fascinating. The colors and hues of the sunsets during the four seasons amaze me. The winter sunset is full of pinks and lavenders. While the summer sunset is reflective of the hot oranges and yellows.

- Hearing people laugh is heart-warming: I especially love my Mother's giggle and my Husband's belly laugh. So great!

- Trust, humor and honesty are the basis for my friendships. I gladly recipercate. Friendships are extremely dear to me, and I hold them close.

- Attending Spin class is important for me. It helps me feel good with all those endorphins swimming around in my head.

- I strongly believe in the fairness and equality within the human race, animals included.

- Listening to my instincts is very important for me to do. I've learned that a knee-jerk action or reaction is not the way to live my life. My Father taught me to think things through. I get a better result.

- I am a romantic.

- I hope you have better insight about me. ~Kathleen


  1. This is a wonderful list Kathleen, full of interesting tidbits, and so varied! I love what you wrote about your father, he was a very wise man and the more so because he shared his wisdom with you, very sweet.

    Beleive it or not...I too get a paper rush when I walk into a stationary store...I don't have an aversion to pretty paper, just the bland, uninteresting piled up stuff. ;)

    I'm so happy you posted, thank you!
    xo Jessica

    btw- I clicked on the link and it worked just fine from my end.

  2. Kathleen~ This was like sharing a good cup of tea with a friend. I already knew some of these things about you. This reinforced that we are very much the same in so many respects.
    Love to you~

  3. Kathleen,
    What a lovely list and person you are. We share the same passion for paper...and being kind to all creatures.

  4. I too love paper! This is a wonderful list my friend. xo

  5. What a lovely list!! I love spinning and James Taylor too!!! :):)

  6. Love knowing more about you....I love tiramasu and James Taylor is my all time favorite! I'm a shoe girl but i get the paper feeling. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  7. We do have so much in common -- as you well know. I, too, love the sound of peoples' laughs!

  8. Congrats Kathleen! Your award is no surprise to me, your blog IS a really lovely and very stylish collection of thoughts and images :))

  9. Love these lists! I can associate James Taylor songs to so many different events in my life.

  10. Congratulations on your award - I love knowing more details about my bloggy friends. I especially loved your phase about your Dad having crossed the Rainbow Bridge - lovely image and thought.

  11. Congrats on the award...loved getting to know a little more about you!!

  12. that was so much fun to read. it´s great getting to know you better. :)

  13. Congratulations on your award Kathleen. Always love reading these lists and loved yours as well - could relate to much of it EXCEPT the spinning class - think I'd have a heart attack!

  14. Kathleen,
    This is so great to know more about each other!! Thank you for visiting always!

    Art by Karena

  15. You are the best. I can't wait to try your recipe....if I can ever get up my driveway and get to the market.

    Kate's Paperie=heaven.

  16. Oh my gosh I LOVE this! For some reason I was most surprised about the 100% Italian. I'm not sure WHY I was...I think it's just because I'm such a mutt I can't imagine anyone 100% of anything, lol!

    This is a really great post. Your joie de vivre totally shows through and I just love it.

    p.s. I'll take paper over leather ANY day. :-)

    Laura xo

  17. Kathleen, I share your love of James Taylor. For the past few days, he has been what I've been listening to, though I've adored him for nearly 30 years!

    You know I love beautiful paper....but I think it is a tie with beautiful shoes. I have a weakness for those, as well!!!

    xo Elizabeth

  18. Nice to know these things about you...pretty interesting:)
    And I'm with you on paper...I still keep stationeries at home that I have since high school days...and that's a mighty long time I tell you. But I love shoes too:)

  19. Kathleen,

    I sat here reading and thought, this is me. We have so much in common, right done to the stationary store 'rush'!

    Your Friend,

  20. Wow! Someone else who loves stationery shops! When I hit the Pentagon City Mall, two stops I always have to make are Papyrus and the Paradise Pen Company. Good to know there's another stationery junkie out there!

  21. Congratulations Kathleen! I react the same way when I'm in a stationery shop. I could peruse for hours.

    Love learning things about you!



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