January 15, 2011

A warm winter girl...that's me!

Plaque by Mary Engelbreit

Don't you just love hearing the dryer hum as it warms your bed sheets, pillow cases, blankets and clothes- specifically during the wintertime? When I was a kid, my Mother had a dryer and an outside clothes line for summertime use. As a kid, I would run through the white sheets or pretend that I was a mummy, until 'mommy' told me not to pull on the clothespins. When I was outside playing during the big snowstorms of the day, my Mother always had extra pairs of socks on top of the dryer at the ready. Still to this day, putting on warm socks is one of my favorite things.


  1. Warm socks, a warm bed, a fire, a pot of tea.....yes!

  2. awwww ... i am completely warmed reading this, kathleen ...
    there is something very comforting about that dryer hum : )
    love that your mommy had those warm socks ready for you ...
    a hug for your tootsies!
    a warm hug from me, too ...

  3. I love warm, fuzzy socks, and putting the sheets and pillow cases in the dryer, too. It's probably one of the reasons I love to do laundry.

    How sweet of your mother to put the socks on the dryer for you in anticipation of your coming in all cold!

    Did you make those socks, by the way??

  4. Oh yes warm socks, and bath towels are my favorites. Stay warm my friend. xo

  5. I still like to warm up my pj's (with socks) in the dryer when it's cold...nothing better than putting on toasty 'fabric' when it's freezing outside!
    xo J~

  6. I just warmed up the couch blanket to wrap up in!

  7. Kathleen- I will have to try that with my kids! So cozy!

    I have a pair of those cozy Vermont socks, too! I traded jewelry for them at a craft fair a long time ago!


  8. Kathleen,

    What warm memories! Nothing says love like the man who brings warm toasty towels right out of the dryer to wrap myself in after a hot bath (especially in this old drafty house!)

    Your Friend,

  9. What a delightful memory to have of your childhood. Aren't moms the best? Too bad we can't grow old together, there are so many things I would love to thank my mom for now. The little things and the big ones too.

    Hope your tootsies are warm and your heart is singing!

  10. hi kathleen...your house sounds so warm and cozy..LOVE the chicken dinner simmering away...i don't know why it is 80 here...seems odd....

    sending love today and stay warm and cozy !!!!

    kary and teddy

  11. You have a lovely blog Kathleen! Glad to have found you :))
    wish you a great week:))

  12. My feet are always cold...so warm socks sound like heaven! Stay warm and toastie!!!

    xo Elizabeth

  13. I love thick warm socks.Am new to your blog. So glad I found it!

  14. Love these memories! And you've reminded me to put a load in the dryer! Happy Monday!

  15. Oh I love colorful warm socks...

    I used to collect them, I buy one every time I get my paycheck during my first job...

  16. Never thought of that idea, but it sounds wonderful. I will have to give it a try. We always have warm blankets around the house and I have a pile of cozy sweaters to wear. Stay warm!

  17. This is a lovely memory Kathleen. It reminds me of my childhood too. I used to do this thing as a kid, where once the dryer had just finished, I would put my face into the warm, fresh laundry and just breathe it in.

    p.s. thanks for your advice on my post. It really helps.



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