January 18, 2011

Do you dare?

Isn't this photo adorable? Unfortunately, I can't remember where I found it...oops!
Now, in my opinion, she is being creative. Maybe that's alittle over the top for most people, however, my question to you is what have you done lately to be creative in anyway, shape, or form? I would love to hear from you!


  1. Does playing scrabble count? My artwork always feels just naturally creative, but playing games or riding bikes does too.
    Love to have lights like that on my bike!

  2. Love the lights! I'd do that in a heartbeat! My embroidery lets me be creative.

  3. I love this photo! I have the same photo on my latest post too! Great brains think alike:-)). These are my two favourite things put together - bicycling and Christmas lights!

    Wishing you a fantastic week sweetie!

  4. I like how the bike is so lit up! It would be perfect to do around the lake here. smile... Oh my friend I can't think of anything I have done so creative and out of my box. I will think of something soon though. smile...

  5. now THAT is creative! LOVE IT!!! getting ready to cover my kitchen bar stools.... not gonna be too creative, but might have to GET creative in the process..we shall see! thanks for popping over today...was so glad to hear from you! take good care and have a great week!

  6. Hi KAthleen,
    The bike is lovely and very creative.
    I always try to think of different ways of getting creative -especially during school holidays - my kids love making things out of cardboard, cutting, pasting, painting, that sort of thing, baking and decorating cakes is also a favourite. I keep myself busy with my styling and am always experimenting with stationery and fabric design.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment :))

  7. OH my gosh...I love that photo!! and funny enough...it's on one of spring to do lists...get battery operated twinkle lights so that I can add them to my turquoise bike!! That way when I ride to my friends house people will surely see me!! Plus I think it's beyond cute:)

  8. How did I miss this?!? My little google reader update thingie is letting me down.

    No; this is not over the top. It is BRILLIANT! Are there battery operated string lights? 'Cause we obviously wouldn't plug them in. Hmmm...I'll be thinking about this for a while. :-)


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