January 2, 2011

All it took was a look...and I was hooked.

The Burlington Facade of the Royal Academy of Arts, London, England.

Artist: Timothy Richards

I received this beautiful work of art for Christmas. It is one of many arch doorways (the Burlington facade) of the Royal Academy of Arts - London, England. Created by Timothy Richards, it is one of a kind, made in Bath, England.
I could refer to it as a book-end, but would rather define it as a piece of architectural sculpture. It is difficult to capture the detail and beauty of this lovely work of art via digital camera. This particular photo was the one I chose. When I sit in our living room, I find myself staring at this beauty, admiring it. Now, all I have to do is go to the actual Royal Academy of Arts. Until then...I smile.


  1. Oh you fortunate girl! It's wonderful...and I would just be sitting and staring at it also!

    I think I recall seeing a piece he did of Jane Austen's front door in Bath long ago...I will have to see if this is who I am thinking of.

    Now...off to England with you! ;)
    xo J~

  2. I love it. My son created a similar sort of homage to a land-mark and one day I must blog about it....
    Enjoy the first week of 2011...and I do hope you will be traveling and sharing more with each of us! We are so fortunate to see it via your eyes!

  3. It's so pretty! I definitely think it qualifies as sculpture!

  4. What are the dimensions of this piece? What a perfect gift for you!!!

  5. Very nice! I can't wait to see your personally-shot photo of the real thing!

  6. What a wonderful gift! Enjoy.

  7. I can only imagine how spectacular this gift must be in person ~ such an exquisite idea and something to cherish forever and always!

  8. Kathleen,

    I would sit and stare at this piece of architectural sculpture and then create an entire story of a woman waiting there for someone.

    Your Friend,

  9. It is a beautiful piece. I do hope someday you will be able to see it first hand. xo

  10. How fun it would be to take your photo with that far in the foreground...making it look like you are behind the gates? I might need to make a trip with my camera when I am feeling better!

  11. oh, to touch the real stone that frames
    that ornate gate ... and to peek in ...
    to hear the squeak as you push it open ...
    can't wait to read the post
    of when you see this beautiful piece
    of architecture in person, kathleen!
    until then ~ a beautiful gift to enjoy : )
    thank you for sharing ...

  12. How beautiful. I know you'll get there someday to see it up close!!

  13. I love all the detail. Especially on the gate. It is beautiful!


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