January 12, 2011

White as snow...only warmer.

Artist: Orangery (Etsy). She is so sweet to e-mail with. I love her work!
A blanket of snow covered us while we were snug in our beds. So soft in the night. Although a snow storm may have its inconveniences, I still think it is a beautiful sight.


  1. now i have to check out more from her. (and i think the best place to enjoy snow is in bed. ;))

  2. I love her work! I have her as one of my favorites in ETSY. As soon as I can get our room painted I can see one of her pieces above our bed. xo

  3. Beautiful! We've got quite a bit of snow on the ground and it's just started snowing again. Pretty, but I'd still rather be enjoying spring!

  4. There you are....I would recognize you anywhere! Hope you have enjoyed the banket of white today. Each time it snows, I really think it is magical! God's way of slowing us down.

  5. Today, as I drove my boys to school I thought....it really looks like a winter wonderland. Much prettier than bare trees and gray skies.

    Enoy your snow covered lawn!


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