January 20, 2011

It's raining... umbrellas!

The umbrellas (two, three, and four) can be found at the Museum of Modern Art (NYC) here

I have an interest in umbrellas. Sometimes I wonder if it tells abit about someone's personality, or did they just grab the first one they saw in the closet. Some people view an umbrella as a functional object to shield themselves from raindrops. Other people have the need to make an artistic statement with colorful and/or bold patterns. There are those people, who in like the third photo prefer to look conservative, however, all the while walking with blue skies above them... with an almost secretive smile. It is almost like they know something no one else does.

I have two umbrellas. One is small in size: black with a white geometric pattern around the edges. I consider that my rather conservative one. The second and favorite umbrella is a melding of colors (pinks, greens, purples). Think Monet painting. When I purchased it, I knew that it will make me smile while missing the puddles.
What covers your head when it is raining?


  1. With these beauties I wouldn't mind a few raindrops on my head.
    I have one that shrinks into a perfect size for my purse. Enjoy my friend! xo

  2. The umbrella with the blue sky on the inside is my favorite!

    I have several umbrellas. A few are plain black and small. I also have a red plaid golf umbrella which is my favorite because it's large enough to keep two people dry.

  3. I am a classic black umbrella kinda gal! Typically, I wear a rain hat... it is black too!... for now... we will have to contend with snow in my parts of the world!

    Have a WONDERFUL day!

  4. Although I have a red umbrella and a large yellow and black with my college emblem on it, I prefer to get wet rather than lugging an umbrella around -- and I'm always afraid I'm going to poke someone's eye out with them!

  5. cute post, kathleen...i see you are from an italian family...me too. my family is from Genoa...well, my mother and grandmother,etc.

    my mom spoke italian before english... I grew up with aunts and relatives rolling pasta...the men at the table sipping red wine eating dried fruit and cracking walnuts...i saw you at Abby's today and you mentioned your mom's meatballs...there is a restaurant in the city..san francisco...that is where you sister-in-law works as a pastry chef if i rememeber right...the restaurant is called A16. i know she would know it. i bought their cookbook last Fall for their Monday meatball recipe. we could share if you want via emial. would be fun...i love me a meatball :-)

    happy to visit today, my friend

    kary and teddy

  6. Kary: My sister in law works at Farrallon's and the Water Bar in San Francisco. However, I am sure she would know A16. I'll e-mail you later. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Beautiful! I'll take one of each!!!


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