January 26, 2011

Will this make you smile?

I took this photograph last summer, when I felt loved by the sun. I hope it jogs your memory to a time when shovels and gloves were a distant thought.
I do love the sight of falling snow: the quiet and peace that it brings. HOWEVER...the above photo is what I am now starting to think about .

And for those of you who love those sunny days of Spring (who doesn't) when there is dappled sunlight through the trees, here's looking at beautfiul pansies. courtesy of sweet AbbyJ.
Are you thinking of the happy Spring sun?


  1. Oh! Yes I'm happy now! That is a much better vision than what I'm looking at outside now!

  2. I was heading in this direction until nature decided to drop over a foot on us last night. Back to winter wonderland in these parts!!

  3. Katheen,

    Yes, my friend, it did make me smile and my heart needed to hear the whisper that the sun will return.

    Thank you.


  4. Actually, it's making me cry!!! :)

  5. Thanks for the sun! I so needed it.

  6. I feel the need for sunscreen when I pop over here...you always radiate sunny thoughts. Let me grab my shades and meet you at the water's edge! That looks delightful....escpecially after all this white!
    I too love the snow and the hunkering down with a warm cozy fire and comfort foods.

  7. Oh to be on our boat right now, sipping frosty dark and stormys and watching the sunset.....that sounds pretty good. Having you sitting beside me, chatting away about all we have in common, that sounds even better.

    Have a great day my friend.... a great day dreaming of purple flowers.

  8. Thank you for the water and clouds and the
    pansies!!! Can't wait for mine to start blooming again. Wish you a cozy, happy weekend.

  9. Tip # 1: Buy plane tickets in October (when they are cheap) for two long weekends in January and February to escape winter. That was my resolution this year. So far I went to Fl. and in Feb. I'm going to Ecuador. Winter has been an eternity for everyone. Thanks for the pansies. I'm so color starved I have 4 large blooming bushes on my kitchen island. I also had to buy hyacinths just for fragrance. I cannot wait for the thaw.

  10. Two lovely photos, the pansies are a beautiful colour. I'm lucky enough to have some sunshine today but it's still very cold. Thoughts of spring are definitely creeping into my mind now though:)

  11. Oh looking at these beautiful photos makes me want Spring to already be here!


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