January 8, 2011

Do you have a special one?

I know I have written about this cutie some time ago, however, the thought behind it is worth mentioning again. My Mother's favorite color is light pink, and she drinks her morning coffee from a light pink mug. Allen drinks his specialty tea from a handsome dark blue china mug that was once his Mother's.
It is nice to have a favorite beverage cup & saucer or mug with which to drink your coffe, tea, hot cocoa,etc.
We have a nice collection, as do most people. My most recent favorites: a heart shape cup & saucer which I adore....or my ole' time favorite Mary Engelbreit mug. It is a tough decision, but someone needs to do it.

Do you have a "special" cup & saucer or mug?
Happy Weekend!


  1. I have a favorite mug that I painted when "pve" was just an idea. Long before the web site and the blog and on the front is a sun with a smiling happy face on a bright green background. I cannot believe that I have not posted about this!
    I love them both...the heart is fancy! ME - who does not love her work.

  2. Mine's a cowboy boot that I received at a mug exchange. It's different, campy, and I adore it! I may have to post about it as well...thanks for the topic!

  3. I have a lot....I collect Rooster stuff so of coarse my favorites are those but when we travel a mug is a cheap souvenir so I love one from London that I reach for a lot. Great topic! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. We have quite a collection too! I use my late Mother-in-law's Bridgewater Star mug. I love that we shared the love of stars! That heart cup and saucer is darling... just like you!

  5. We have quite a collection of mugs all with special meanings. This morning's tea is in a mug that says 'wicked tired'. Cathy

  6. i love your special ones, kathleen and especially this topic as there is
    something extra soothing about sipping from a cup that feels just right!

    all of our dishware has been found at yard sale, auctions and generally has a vintage feel. i also collect local artist pottery cups
    and when someone comes visiting i always let them choose the 'vessel' of choice ... : )

    right now, my favourite cup is a small round, thick walled, crackled with age, white cup with a little round handle ~ the kind that would have been found in any of our country rinks in days gone by. perhaps it is the fond memories of a cup of coffee or the infamous hamburger 'rink' soup that was always served in these cups that makes it so special to me each morning!

    i love everyone's comments so far and it would be very cool for us all to post our 'mugs'! i think you have started something!

    here's to happy sipping!

  7. What a fun post...I think we all have our favorites don't we?! I have several, but mainly I go to an oversized white teacup that was my sister-in-laws...she passed away and I have her whole set, I feel near her when using them as she used them quite frequently. The other two I use most often are another oversized tea cup (love them), this one antique blue transferware, and also a mug with dogs dressed up as cowboys that I got in Alaska.

    Your heart cup is so 'sweet', and drinking out of a ME cup would bring cheer to any morning, both are so happy!
    xo J~

  8. A wonderful collection! I have a simple tall white cup I use. Enjoy! xo

  9. That heart shaped mug is lovely! I have quite a collection of mugs and I chose according to my mood. Today I was drinking tea (because I drank too much coffee yesterday and was up until almost 4am) Anyhoo....today, green tea in a 70s mug with an owl having a picnic on it. Very stylized, orange, lime green vibe. I just noticed he's wearing a lobster bib! I need to post this.
    Mind if I steal your idea?

    Whatever mugs you are using, and with whatever libation it holds, I hope you have a lazy cozy day! Great post.

  10. I have many mugs I've collected over the years. My favorite three right now are Denby china and have just the right curved shape to nestle in my hand to keep me warm while I sip whatever tea I've chosen.

    I've had some of my mugs for at least twenty years. Every one has a story and its own history. When family or friends come to visit, I sometimes like to choose a mug for them that will provoke some happy memories.

    My brother and sister-in-law have a mug that has survived many cabinet cleanings. It's handmade pottery with a face on one side. They say it's mine so they have to save it. I use it whenever I go visit them.

    Now you've got me wondering where a mug I used in college is hiding. I'd never have thrown it away and I don't think it ever broke. Now I have to go look for it! When I find it, I'll have to use it right away.

  11. Oh I love mugs so much that I collect them...

    But I have around five pieces that I use a lot...in rotation:)

  12. cute post...love them both...abby is funny...a coffee mug with an owl having a picnic...i just love her....anyway...the ME is darling...

    i use my teacups from my Sprigware collection that i collected off ebay...and my merry christmas bunnykins...

    sarabeth: i would LOVE to go there. i can't wait to make something out of her book..i may try something today...and i am feeling some jam making coming on :-)

    happy cozy sunday kathleen

    kary and teddy

  13. Such a sweet post, Kathleen. I love the heft/feel of this boring white french ceramic set we have, so I have my coffee in one of those every day.

  14. thinking of you every morning now, when I grab my 'mug du jour'!

  15. Both of those are lovely! Yes, I have a few mugs that I love drinking from. I'll have to photograph them sometime and share.

  16. Kathleen,

    Your Mary Engelbreit mug is a wonderful way to start a morning -- a touch of whimsy!
    I have a few favorites. Whenever I use one of my antique bone china cups I can't help but imagine who used them before me and what kind of day did they have? I also like my monogrammed mug from Anthropology when it's filled with fresh coffee.

    Your Friend,

  17. now that you mention it- we have a bunch of mugs, but i always find myself reaching for the same one. i wonder what my mug says about me...


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