April 16, 2009

Isabelle: My friend and a lovely Lady

Her name was Isabelle, and she lived across the street from me. I would run over to her house in my fuzzy slippers, and she would be standing at the door, smiling. She loved her clothing wardrobe, and matched it all up - very important to this stylish lady. She had a soft voice, sky blue twinkling eyes and was the epitome of a sweet lady, as her photo depicts.

She would sit in her rocking chair, and I would stretch out on the paisley chaise lounge, while she talked to me about gardening. Her yard always had something in bloom. She said that many years ago, she 'planned and planted' her flowers and small trees, so there would always be something in bloom. I never forgot her wise words.

One night Isabelle had a heart attack. During the few days she was in the hospital, I visited her every afternoon and evening. I knew of the inevitable loss forthcoming and had a mix of feelings. Crazy as it seems, I painted my living room with a fervor like never before. That night I went to see her, and told her about the painting, knowing she use to paint the interior of her house in her younger days. I showed her the color swatch, her favorite color - buttery yellow. Her eyes twinkled; I knew she liked it. That was the last time I saw Isabelle alive. She passed away that evening.

Isabelle lives on in my life. Every Spring I make sure I have pansies in the garden, and by our front door for her. She died April 16, 1998, and I will always honor her.


  1. What a lovely story and a great tribute to someone that meant so much to you. I am sure that Isabelle loves those pansies each spring. You are very sweet.

  2. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for you and Isabelle. What a beautiful lady and what a beautiful relation you had with her and how it is still "continuing"...A little gesture, attention, smile, some shared time can change someone's life and in this case...she left this world with the knowlegde she was loved - by you as well. God...you can not ask for more in life. And thank you for introducing Isabelle to us. Her life continues in your homage of words for her. What a great friend you truly are.

  3. A very sweet and touching story of your friend. I bet she is smiling down watching her pansies grow. xxoxo

  4. This is a great story, and such a sweet post!

  5. What a special gift to have such a special person in your life. You have been blessed even after all of the years that have passed because you still remember her so vividly.
    This is my first visit to your blog. I'm going to go check more out. It looks lovely!


  6. Lovely tribute to a special lady. I too had a neighbor who meant so much to me. She gave me small tasks to do - polish her silver, needlepoint, clean, cook and talk. We would talk and talk and she always made time to listen. I was so sad the day she left. She told me mom that I was "special." I loved that.
    I know she must be proud of you and all your blooms.

  7. What a nice story. I'm sure your friendship meant as much to Isabelle as it did to you.

    We had an elderly neighbor that I had a similar friendship with. After we moved, I kept in touch with her through cards. One year, the Christmas card I sent her came back to me. I was so sad to find out that she had passed away without my knowing it.

    I'll remember your lovely story when I plant my pansies this year!

  8. Thank you all for your kind words.

  9. So sweet, God gives us special people to hold in our hearts. I know she must have treasured you as much as you treasured her.
    Blessings to you...

  10. What a wonderful friendship you had. Proust says we are an amalgam of all who come in contact with us. I believe that's true. Which means that Isabelle is still very much with you.

  11. What a sweet tribute! I'll bet she's in a fabulous buttery yellow room, smiling at this post right now. :-) It's so nice of you to remember her here.


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