April 3, 2009

Three Friends

People who have visited Martha's Vineyard know it is an island off the coast of Cape Cod. It largely consists of charming old fashion New England architecture, colorful Victorian gingerbread houses, picket fences everywhere covered in roses, craftman-made stone walls, and screened in porches. There are plentiful lighthouses, little white churches and elegant Captain's houses. Have I enticed you yet?

My Hubby and I took a wonderful vacation to MV one year in the late April. It was one of my most memorable vacations. Everyday was a new adventure, discovering the many parts of the island, which are different in a variety of ways. A real treat was meeting the native Islanders, who have a rich history in traditions. You see, by going on one of the shoulder seasons (Autumn being the other), the population is relatively low (about 15,000 compared to summer months of 150,000 - yes I have the zero's correct). We thoroughly enjoyed not having to wait on lines, and driving the narrow windy roads was great. We were able to see Springtime unfold with renewed joy: flowering fields and trees, a real sight to behold!

One item we discovered which was totally different than anything else we found on the Vineyard were these sculptures on someone's side lawn. They were just standing there for the viewing. Needless to say, for two people who enjoy sculpture as much as we do, our car came to an abrupt halt, and out we scooted with camera in hand. No one was around, and with joyous abandonment, we walked around these "3 friends" who I named, and laughed and smiled. I believe that is what the Artist intended. And I hope you do too!


  1. WOW these were on a someone's lawn. Very neat! These 3 friends would brighten my day too.

    Have a golden weekend!

  2. I want to visit MVI really badly! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  3. Ohhh... I love these. Did you by any chance see the sweet victorian cottage community? MV is great isn't it? Except in August!

  4. Kathy -- Lovely photos of such wonderful art work. Spring always makes me think of road trips and wonderfully relaxing vacations like yours seemed to have been. Thanks for this peek at a place I haven't been to ... yet!

  5. How lovely to see Spring on MV and to spot Three Friends enjoying it too!
    Have you seen this;

    I thought of you!

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  7. Debra: I think it's Edgartown that has the colorful Victorian gingerbread cut-out houses - fun to look at!

    PVE: I smiled when I looked up the address. That particular place is in Oregon. However, I am sure there are places around here (NJ) that are similiar. Thanks for thinking of me!

  8. To think I must have been to the Vineyard at least a hundred times and never came across those sculptures!
    i grew up on CC and know what you mean about shoulder season. It's so nice before the tourist all come with their over stuffed SUVs. But they need the tourism $$.
    I'm hoping to visit my Dad this summer and take a day trip over. I'll have to try to find your sculptures!

  9. Laura: They are in the town of West Tisbury.

  10. Fantastic artwork!

  11. How whimsical! These brought a real smile to my face. Haven't been to MV for years, but it is beautiful!


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