April 16, 2009

My Little Girl

Front View

Back and Side Profile

Hair Bow

The 'Little Dancer Aged Fourteen' is a bronze statue created by French late 19th century Artist Edgar Degas (birth name is Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas).

She exudes everything a Ballerina should: poise,impecible posture, grace, concentration, perfect stance, and simple elegance. One cannot help but touch the bow in her hair, feel her clasped hands, touch her textured hair, and her sculptured face.

This bronze reproduction stands in our Dining Room with enough space around her so the Viewer has full scope of this beautiful young lady. When I found her, I knew that she was mine to keep, but mostly to admire and share with others.

A day does not go by where I don't walk by her and look, glance and acknowledge that she is with us. The past few summers, we enjoyed her on our patio. She gave a visual perception that was great from the front entrance. A vertical line brought the eye directly to her. However, I don't know if she will come out this summer, or stay with us in the Dining Room.

I've also named her in honor of my friend Isabelle with an ever so slight change to Isabella. I am sure my friend Isabelle would not mind.


  1. She's really beautiful!

  2. Your Ballerina has always been my favorite piece by Degas - more so than even his paintings of dancers. I love this ballerina and someday need to get a lovely reproduction like yours. Nice to be able to see her every day.

  3. J'adore Degas! When I saw this piece in the museum in Paris I nearly wept.

  4. I've always loved that sculpture and contemplate purchasing one every time I see it in the museum store.


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