April 4, 2009

Doors & Windows & Archways....oh my!

I have had an interest in different types of doors, windows and archways for years. They provoke me to think about the aesthetics of specific areas of architecture. It all depends on the eyes and the hearts that are doing the looking. I find most unique windows and doors beautiful at best and interesting otherwise. There are some castles that had very few windows (or cut-out windows) for protection from wars. There are contemporary homes that have ceiling to floor windows sweeping around both sides of its structure. Whether new or ancient, do you look at windows and doors? I hope so!


  1. I do, in fact I love drawing them wherever we go!

  2. Have always loved the architecture of doors and windows, especially when traveling to Europe in the past.

  3. And yet another similarity. I love doorways, window-lines, archways, and roof-lines as well. There are a few photos I took in Italy that I'll look for to send to you!


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