April 7, 2014

The beginning of Spring

Well, they perked up their little heads, they yawned, they stretched and then the magical moment came when the flowers bloomed. It was a big turning point in our garden. Unfortunately, none of our neighbor's Daffy's are anywhere near blooming. We believe it is because we have a large white wall next to the side of our garden (kinda difficult to describe - I'll take pictures at some point.) This white stucco wall absorbs the sunshine and it reflects down onto our garden. Our growing region should be zone 6, however, we are approximately in zone 7A because of the extreme heat this wall creates. A blessing and a curse sometimes. However, we take what we are given and make flowers thrive in full sun. Last year we tried our hand at planting a few small cactus and they grew and bloomed a flower...in New Jersey. That's how hot our little garden gets. My purple pansies may be the topic for another time. For now, have a happy week.
Yellow Horn Daffodils
White and Peach Daffy's


  1. Hi Kathleen! Absolutely breathtaking are your flowers! Spring is finally coming here, and we are soaking in the sun. Thank you kindly for coming by to visit; I will only be posting once a month or so, but will most definitely visit! Life is busy....be well, enjoy! Anita

  2. I adore the daffodils, and will miss them! (They are going by here in Oregon, but are lovely, sunny harbingers of spriing for sure.)

    I love the white and peach ones! Gorgeous!

  3. Your daffodils are so pretty, Kathleen. I love the color. A garden is so peaceful and such a nice place to visit every day.

    Have a great week.


  4. Hello Kathleen,
    Yellow Daffodils Happiness!
    There is nothing quite like walking through yellow daffodils to know that spring really has arrived ... after months of cold weather. I always adore the daffodils.

    Enjoy your day!

  5. So pretty-- love how happy daffodils look! Welcome spring!

  6. Great pics... your flowers are so beautiful.

  7. Kathleen,
    Your photos are stunning, the daffodils made me happy seeing their beauty. Oh beautiful such needed Spring.
    I planted periwinkle pansies with sweet tiny yellow faces in containers and every time I look at them I smile ... Yes it is gorgeous Spring.

  8. Kathleen,
    My favorite version of What a Wonderful World is sung by Louis Armstrong too. In fact, there is a story behind that song that I may share with you someday. :~)


  9. I don't believe I've ever seen white and peach daffodils. Thank you for sharing! Do they have a scent?

    1. Hi Brandi: There isn't a scent to the peach/white daffodils. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Kathleen,
    You have a lovely green thumb! These daffodils are absolutely heavenly-what a joyful and peaceful spot you have to reflect and relax. Thank you for sharing your joy with us!


  11. Lovely to see daffodills again! Thank you for sharing Kathleen..;)


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