April 21, 2014

Kick ball and other activities

When I was a very young girl, I loved playing the game kick-ball. It involved many other kids and the game was fun. It was not always as clean as playing a board game though. I was prone to falling down at times and skinning one or both of my knees, as you can see by the old photo. Many times this was my determination to be "safe" on base. I was known to carry my kick-ball around with me. It was blue with speckles on it. I recently saw a bin of them in the local Super Drug Store...and I smiled. The b&w photo is me with my yellow tulip Easter dress, white anklets, white Mary Jane patent leathers. Was I stylin'! And my good ole' trusty ball was with me, even at family functions.
I was very fortunate to live carefree and fun-filled summers during my childhood. Climbing trees, playing spy, selling lemonade, pink elephant carnivals, neighborhood plays, sleeping in a make shift tent in the backyard, afternoon day camp and swimming were many of the activities that my younger brother and I were apart of. Thank you Mom and Dad. 


  1. Kathleen,
    Is this last picture of you? I finally get to see beautiful YOU. And I loved this post today, as it reminded me of my own carefree childhood. All the things you mentioned - kick ball (we called it dodge ball), climbing trees, selling lemonade, carnivals, swimming......all were a part of my life too. We have our precious mothers and fathers to thank for it all, don't we? You are like a kindred spirit to me, Kathleen, and I loved hearing this story of when you were little. Thank you for sharing it.

    Oh my gosh, the neighborhood plays - you had those too? I was in a couple of them myself haha.


  2. I enjoyed those summer days, too, back when life was a lot less icky than it became after we all got sold that bill of goods about adulthood. Now, I enjoy those summer days through the lives of my grandchildren and try to make sure they enjoy them ... they'll grow up soon enough. Nice pictures!!

  3. It's so wonderful to share memories of simpler times gone by. There was a nearby park that I spent a little time at over the weekend in KY and reminisced about some fun and games there. I had white patent leathers with black buckles. I thought I was :all that:! I think we can all find time to embrace a good game of kick ball or share a fun memory with one another. Cute photo.

  4. So fun-- I remember those type of balls too! Isn't it fun to remember those wonderful days growing up! Hope you have a great week!

  5. Loved playing kickball and we would play kick the can...the whole neighborhood would gather and play together! That doesn't really happen any more. Love the old b&w pictures.

  6. Kathleen,
    What a sweet and enjoyable post. Loved seeing pictures of you. I played field hockey. I also loved archery, oh my childhood days of endless energy!

  7. Cute photo! Kathleen, it is so inspiring post ... It reminded me about my childhood which was wonderful ... Most things I remember from those days make me smile and happy.The days go by so fast I blink and it's gone.
    Enjoy your time!


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