April 1, 2014

A Window Treatment Question

This is a show room window treatment

Does anyone have experience with casual roman shades that look like the ones above and have a filter for screening out light (for night time sleep?) The challenge I have is that the windows do not pull up and down; they roll out, which is lovely except for now when I want to make a change from traditional shades/curtains. I like the look of a roman shade. There are four windows on one wall (two and then two.) I'm confused. This may be almost as bad as trying on bathing suits...but then again not quite as bad.   ; ) 


  1. I wish I could help ....I'm clueless with window coverings! Good luck!

  2. I love those -they are so pretty -- am also clueless with window coverings -- so mine are all the same! Good luck!

  3. Oh, I'm not familiar with these shades, Kathleen. I have usually only had blinds in the homes that I've lived in. I like the idea of a Roman shade though, it sounds lovely.

    Have a sweet day.


  4. Kathleen, I don't like drapes so we have blinds and plantation shutters. When we visited Next Day Blinds a while ago, I noticed they had a lot of neat shades as well. It might be worth it to stop in if you have one close by.


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