April 2, 2014


From left to right: Joanne, Erin, Carole

My very dear friends. Joanne is the woman on the left, along with Erin (center) and Carole (right). Carole passed away a couple of years ago from melanoma. A very tragic passing. Erin's marriage unfortunately did not work out, and she moved away emotionally. I have tried to contact her to no avail. Hopefully, she will come around in her own time. Joanne's birthday is today. I am so grateful to the gods that I can call her my best friend. We have been through the good and bad, sad and happy times together. There have been gaps of communication due to work, travel, etc., however, we always come back as if there was no time lapse. I love her laugh; it is hearty and makes me laugh even more than I already was laughing. Happiness is what I wish for Joanne - my very dear friend. Happy Birthday Jo-Jo!  

The blurry photo was taken at the Glenora Jazz Festival at Seneca Lake, NY. www.glenora.com and if you like different types of jazz music, a beautiful finger lake nestled in upstate NY, picnicking and champagne...well, then this party is for you. Think summer jazz under the sun and then under the stars.There are only two concerts scheduled: July 20th and August 17th. I have been talking about going to one of them, probably August 17th as it is my b-day as well. I want to toast Carole in the elements that she loved: the great outdoors and to life. So Joanne, get out your sun hat and let's go toast to good friends.


  1. Sounds like an excellent idea, Kathleen. How special that you have these memories.

  2. Happy Birthday to your dear friend....amazing memories although life changes the memories live on.

  3. So special to have friends that you've known almost forever! Yours sound so sweet!

  4. Kathleen,
    I think it is so important to cherish our friends through all the seasons. I lost a dear friend to cancer and I miss her very much. Celebrate friends!

  5. Kathleen,
    Very sweet post, I have always believed friends come to us for one of three reasons - a season, a reason or a lifetime. Yes, yes, yes toast to good friends and to life.


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