July 15, 2009


as I was driving, I saw an elderly man fall on a sidewalk. I quickly pulled my car over and ran to help him. By the time I was at his side, he had started to stand up, and I gently took his arm to hold him steady. It was then I realized we were standing in front of a Medical Center.

He told me he was on his way to buy lottery tickets. I gently persuaded him to come inside the medical building with me, for someone to check the bump on his forehead. Then maybe later he could go to the store. The bump was smaller than a ping pong ball, yet I was concerned.

Once in the medical building, we found out he was 92 years of age, and lived nearby with his daughter and family. They were, however, all away for a few days. Once the Doctor saw the bump near a prominent vein on the mans' forehead, he strongly suggested a trip to the the hospital. Despite some resistance, the man agreed to go, but only to the hospital where his nephew was a Doctor. It was not the closest one, but the Doctor agreed that this man should go where his nephew would give him comfort. A telephone call was made, his nephew was on call, and an ambulance was dispatched. To my surprise, when I heard the name of the hospital, I said aloud "I was born there!"

When I found out the mans' nephew was "Dr. T" well, I nearly fell off my chair. Dr. T's Father was our family doctor for years, and had since retired. This made the elderly gentleman and Dr. T's father - brothers. I could not believe all these coincidences were coming out.

I waited for the Ambulance to come, and watched as they helped him into the unit. He felt better knowing his nephew would be waiting for him when he arrived at the hospital. I also thought about our connection. Columbus hospital where I was born, and this mans' brother being our family doctor. I think this incident will remain in my memory bank for a long time.


  1. Angels do rely on perfect timing! Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I do hope that he is doing better today and that he knows what an angel you are!

  2. Devine intervention. Bless you.

  3. That is an amazing story...I just love things like that and I hope the gentleman you helped is doing just fine.

  4. That's incredible! One minute earlier or later and you wouldn't have been there to help him. What a great story!

  5. You were obviously supposed to be there at that moment.

  6. I'm so glad you were the one driving past that poor man. Every time I hear one of those stories on the news about a person who has been hit by a car or shot, and lies in the street as people just drive on by...I am ashamed of the human race. It terrifies me as a parent because I think, "If something happened to one of my children while they were away from me, would NO ONE help them?" God bless you for being that man's angel that day.

  7. GOD's timing is "always" perfect. GOD bless you for responding to this mans need.

  8. Wow, what a story, Kathy! It's as if you were meant to help the elderly man! A true Godcidental. Many people would have kept driving, Kathy. I feel similar to Midnight Madras. God bless you for helping him and staying with him.

    By the way, my blog is up and running when you have a chance!

  9. Hello Kathy, you were called upon to be this eldery person's angel and you got rewarded with a lovely memory. Life goes in little circles, doesn't it. Look for more signs and keep in touch with what you dream while asleep for a while now. I think there is a meaning there, when you tell us his own family was away, was he left alone ? Is there a connection somewhere ?
    You are a sweet lady.
    Bless you.

  10. PS.
    Thanks for connecting me with Amy and her new blog! I've just added you and her to my "wonderful blogs" list links!
    Nan & =^..^=

  11. Dear Kathy,

    Sometimes a good heart will be where it is needed. Thank you for helping him and may God bless you for that.

    It is touching to think how we are all connected. Peace, xx

  12. These are not coincidence or chances, but moments to be. I hope he is feeling better. You are a special one my friend! xoxo

  13. What an amazing story! You defenitely the angel on his shoulder. Hope he is doing well.
    Thank you for giving us all such
    inspiration and good happenings to think about.

  14. Divine connections!
    Thank you for your beautiful heart.


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