July 27, 2009

Laughing and Lunching with the Ladies!

Anna (left) and Donna (right) were colleagues of mine many years ago. After I left the department, there had been a lapse of time before we connected again. All the fun and laughter we shared came back to us when we were lunching at my home a couple of days ago. Some things never change, and sometimes I am glad they don't.

The results of our consistent and exceptional work was acknowledged and awarded many times by senior management (in other departments) for product launches. Although we worked hard, we also made sure we enjoyed a laugh or two...maybe three. We believed laughter should be in the workplace, and we practiced that almost on a daily basis.

We had a Manager who unfortunately, did not believe in laughter: no sunny smile on her face. Her goal it seemed, was to ensure we would not laugh, could not laugh, or smile wide to anyone or about anything. We never figured out why she did not like to see us as a happy group. We certainly were making her look good by our exemplary work. Eventually, we resigned ourselves to the fact that some people do not want to be happy, and therefore, do not appreciate when they see other people smiling.

Nontheless, no matter what actions she may have taken, we managed not to let her break our spirit. We kept our sunny smiles and laughed outloud when things were humorous. I will always remember those good times; they still bring a smile to my face. Laughing is an important component for the soul, and that is just what we did - fed our soul full of laughter. :)


  1. Glad you guys did not allow one "crabby" person to break your spirit.
    Keep smiling! and laughing!

  2. Your friends are beautiful and yes, they make me smile!

    I've worked for crabby bosses before and now I have an amazing manager. It makes such a difference, and I am grateful.

  3. I think writing down the good and the bad has a way of allowing one to let go of the bad and see the happy laughter. I love trying to take the un- out of unhappy people and see them break out a smile or a laugh.
    I see people like that as a challenge, and perhaps just being nice to that one person, will add years to your life!
    Good you could laugh and lunch with the ladies!

  4. Happiness is indeed a choice and some wouldn't be happy in heaven! Good for you and your wonderful colleagues on your choices!!

  5. i totally agree! someone once told me (when i was laughing at my own joke- (someone has to laugh...)) that, "small things amuse small minds..." and i told them, "lucky me!" happy day!

  6. I'm glad that your spirits were not broken. Laughter and friends go hand and hand for a perfect sunny day or a cloudy one. Just this morning gary and i went out for breakfast and laughed how I still excited as a kid. xoxo

  7. Some people choose to be unhappy, and no matter what we do, we won't change them. Glad she didn't spoil your happiness!

  8. Can't live without laughter!!

    And the one you really have to feel bad for is HER - how sad for HER.

  9. Good Morning, Lovely friends, beautiful women. I left my workplace because all was grumpy and me too. I feel so much better now; I really had to learn again to laugh-in-public, isn't THAT horrible ?!!! But then I met you here on your blog and you told me in the beginning: coming home from a job outside the home isn't easy and I realised it is all SO much dependent on who I ( or you or a person ) wants to be herself. Sure looks like you lovely ladies choose the good side: a smile goed UP...Thank you for this post. I am off, shopping with my daughter, who is full of laughter, lovely young lady.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Godeliva van Ariadone

  10. It's always good for have friends to laugh with and isn't there always a downer. Blah. Glad she didn't steal your joy.

  11. I'm glad to hear that you and your co-workers didn't let your Manager dampen your spirits. Laughter is part of life, it keeps us healthy and happy. I always feel sorry for people who are unable to laugh. I really feel their lives must be terribly traumatic and unpleasant.
    It's really nice that you re-connected with Donna and Anna. They look like sweet, fun women.



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