July 29, 2009


One definition of jubilee is "A season or an occasion of joyful celebration."
I believe all of us can think of many occasions where joyful celebrations are at the center of our heartstrings. The list is countless. So, I have decided to begin with you, dear Readers.

What is joyful to you?


  1. Joyful, warm, summer days and evenings-and naturally...my many special blog friends that make mornings so special... toss in some beautiful purple flowers and what more can you ask for?

  2. Time spent alone with GOD in the very midst of HIS creation!

  3. My joy comes from being with the people I care about -- family (including 16-month-old grandson Capt. Adorable) and dear friends -- people who help me celebrate every precious moment of life and see the beauty in the every day. Thank you, Kathy, for giving me the chance this morning to remember that.

  4. My husband and my cats and my friends whose love and support make life so enjoyable.

    I finsd many smaller things joyful too -
    a beautiful sunny day with blue skies and a slight breeze; a field of wild flowers; the beach when it is relatively empty and the lapping of the water can be heard; a great cup of coffee; homemade chocolate-chip cookies; nature in so many of its manifestations...

    Kathy, what is joyful to you?


  5. Sunday mornings with my husband and kids...only that makes me the most happiest person on earth!!!

  6. Family, friends, a really good laugh, poetry, nature, and a cherry vanilla ice cream cone (on occasion) :)

  7. Happiness, good food and a beautiful view shared with beloveds.

  8. Haha, that picture is definitely joyful :)

    Other than that? Warm nights, puppies, and ice cream.

  9. Joyful to me.
    Faith, family, friends, laughter, kindness, and celebration. Giving thanks for all - and remembering the words of my Father, Christmas should remain everyday in our hearts.

  10. My list of wonderful and joyful things is too long to list. In a nutshell, every day is a joyful one. Have a golden weekend my friend. xoxo


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