July 11, 2009

A summer weekend

Lay on a raft

...or sit in a lounge chair

and blow bubbles!

and always, but always use protective sun screen

Buy a hat! (These hats are mine; I love them) :)

Buy two hats!!

But most of all, take time to smell the flowers!
(Shasty Daisies from our garden)

Happy Summer Weekend!


  1. I love hats, too!!! I buy them, but don't wear them....go figure.
    Our shasta daisies are blooming now, too. They kind of stink -- not quite as bad as the Russian sage, but stink they do!
    PS I'll take the beach ANYTIME!

  2. I would love to be on the beach somewhere.

  3. So true, a secluded beach with crystal blue waters is desirable.

    Have a lovely weekend, x

  4. All just perfect for a Jersey Shore day in the sunshine. Nice to have read a blog by a fellow Jerseyite.
    ♥, Susan

  5. Your hats are so cute! I wish I looked good in a hat, but I really don't.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Thanks for the trip to the beach!! I have 12 straw hats, some plain and some decorated. My favorite is one that my horse took a bite of the brim and I wear it in his memory. Happy summer!!!!!

  7. Speaking of gardens, you'll be pleased to know that my poppies multiplied this year, and a bunch of lupines appeared around my home, as well as a delphinium and tons of wild daisies.
    Sadly just about everything else is not doing so well, we had to transplant the lilacs and I'm not so sure they're going to make it.
    Sometime when it's not raining I'll try to get out and snap some pictures!!

  8. Oooh I love hats too. I have one really big one for the summer. And of course; Black. You too, have a happy summer weekend...although it's more or less too late for me to wish you that - tomorrow is Monday already. Well...have a nice week!!! XXX, Carmie.

  9. Your Daisys are beautiful, Kathy! And I love your hats, they're so pretty & make me think of summer, flowers, the beach & a wind-blown day. Unfortunately my head is a little too big for most hats - how embarassing is that?! lol But I'm always thrilled when I find one that fits!
    We're finally having some beautiful summer weather, I hope you are too!
    Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend =o)


  10. I love your hats and your daisies!
    Important reminder to stop and enjoy our summer weather.

  11. Sounds like a perfect summer weekend...

  12. I love hats too and I love daisies...I was recently told that some sun is good, and too much sunscreen filters out the good Vitamin D that we need....who would have thought!
    Enjoy every summer weekend!


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