July 31, 2009

My younger brother

The above photo is of my younger brother when he was approximately six or seven years years of age. He was missing two front teeth, and combined with a bow tie, I think he looks adorable. At the time of course, I did not think anything of the sort. I mentioned we were siblings, right? We did have our squabbles (like all siblings), however, we were good play buddies.

Spin the clock forward many years, and here we are in Arizona, where he resides. I had on my bolla tie to look the part of a tourist, and a wicked sunburn, of which I no longer partake in. When visiting Arizona, one must purchase at least something turquoise, coral, silver or a combination thereof.

Ross and I grew up together. Let me explain. My parents had my older brother Dan and sister Mariann. My parents had moved when my sister was ten years of age, and my Mother wanted to start a new family again (with the same husband). So they had me, and then my Mother's belief was that I would need a play buddy, and she was oh, so right. If Ross was not born, and with my older brother and sister being ten and twelve years my senior, I would not have had anyone in our immediate family to grow up with. So eighteen months later, Ross was born. Thanks for your foresight, Mom!

Ross continues to live in Arizona,where he has rooted himself. He strongly dislikes the cold weather, snow shovels, gloves and jackets. My brother is a man who enjoys living in the southwest.

He has one of the best laughs I have ever heard. He speaks with a deep voice, however, his laugh reminds me of Ross as a kid - at least to me. It must be all the memories flooding my mind, and it makes me miss him all the more. So Ross, if you are reading this, I love you!

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