June 26, 2009

A poem...

Years ago I worked with a woman by the name of Nancy. I was a young woman, starting out with a large company, and she had years of experience ahead of me. She must have sensed a nervous energy from me, and she graciously took me under her wing and became my Mentor.

There came a time when I found another job position within the company, and would no longer work with Nancy. One day before I left the department, I found an envelope on my desk from her. In it was a poem. It was time for me to sail to another shore, and she was watching me move on. I knew she was happy for me just by the words in this poem I share with you now.

"Believe in Yourself" - Bruce B. Wilmer

"Believe in yourself to the depth of your being. Nourish the talents your spirit is freeing.

Know in your heart when the going gets slow, that your faith in yourself will continue to grow.

Don't forfeit ambition when others may doubt. It's your life to live - you must live it throughout.

Learn from your errors - don't dwell in the past. Never withdraw from a world that is vast.

Believe in yourself: find the best that is you. Let your spirit prevail. Steer a course that is true."

- It was Nancy's wisdom and generosity in giving me this poem. It was many years ago, however, I have never forgotten her, and her good deed.
Thank you Nancy.


  1. Wonderful. Just the other day, I was thinking it was high time I be a mentor, so I am on the lurch. I love teaching young students art and showing them how to see the talent and then with skill to realize the confidence blossom.
    My dear husband is in the midst of a new position and I see his self esteem and confidence being in a good spot. Your posts are always on target.

  2. pve - all I can say is 'thank you'

  3. Please tell me about your side bar with the dancing couple and "Dance Me to the End of Love". I love that song by Leonard Cohen. Do you also love it???

  4. What a wonderful mentor Nancy was for you. The poem is lovely.

  5. What a blessing to have someone like Nancy in your life.

  6. Liz - the Artist is Jack Vettriano. You can google his name and "Dance me to the end of love" and click. I bought the photo in card size and scanned it for my sidebar. I think it also comes in poster size for framing. Have fun!

    Willou - Yes, Nancy taught me alot, and I'm grateful to have known her.

  7. What a wonderful story with two great lessons: Encouraging young people and expressing gratitude. Thanks for sharing.

  8. That is touching and to have someone encouraging look out for you - special.

    It's good to know there are people out there like that.

  9. This is a beautiful poem, and Nancy is truly a gift to you. Do you still keep in touch with her?

  10. Deidra - Unfortunately not. I know she moved to Colorado, and Florida and re-married. I don't know her last name anymore. And none of her family live around here anymore. It's too bad.


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