June 24, 2009

Creativity is Everywhere...

Do you enjoy walking through garden centers? I do. Well, with a name like Purple Flowers, I should, right?

Even though there is the ever popular standard merchandise, some garden centers have the ability to be creative. I can appreciate their creativity and variety of flowers, plants, garden furniture, planters and water elements.

I feel it is necessary for me to discover new places. It stimulates the creative juices in my head, and makes me think "I can do this or I will try that." If I don't experiment, it becomes like eating the same type of lettuce everyday - boring. However, if I try new and different, voila, new ideas pop into my head, and next thing I know I am looking at salads in a whole new light!

So, the next time you're in need of something new for your garden, remember the lettuce analogy. Creativity is everywhere.


  1. Big fan of nature!
    The pics are so lovely.

  2. My Grandmother raised nine and she had a love for the earth and each and every spring she would shake her head in awe of just how green the grass was...in Kentucky! We have a nursery here that is truly my haven for ideas and inspiration, but also for the wonderful women who is full of life and vibrancy. It is as if each and every plant was her child!

  3. oops "spelling" Woman! But there are mostly women there tending and nurturing al that nature...!

  4. I enjoy walking around a nursery to admire the beauty. Hoping some of the green thumb stuff will rub off of me. xoxo

  5. i very much love meandering around greenhouses and am known to take literally hours when picking out for spring planting ... it is like having a fresh canvas each year ... i wander and let the colours and shapes guide me ... i compliment the blooms on their beauty and individuality ... sigh. for years i have been torn between designing at my computer or nurturing seedlings and so far the design work has won out ... but as in gardening ... there is always time ...
    thank you for the lovely stroll this morning with you!

  6. I think I'm humbled most when I get to spend time in nature. Your photos are beautiful. And I'll never look at lettuce the same way again!

  7. Beauty - big fan here too! :)

    Pve - women by instinct nurture just about anything/one that comes within their realm. It's great.

    Joyce - keep trying. That thumb of yours will turn green soon, I'm sure.

    Prairie - you're right. Every year is a blank canvas, and we paint the picture. I love buying small, and enjoy watching them grow.

    Deidre - LOL I love your comment about lettuce. :)

  8. I LOVE garden centers!!! Wish I lived closer, we could go to this one together!

  9. The pictures are beautiful. I especially love the turquoise chair, which I know is not the point of this post, but I can't help it.

  10. Lovely pics, we have some beautiful nurseries close to our home, and I could spend hours in there!!

    Lettuce - here I come !!


  11. you have a nice blog =)
    looove purple flowers, but i will always prefer daisies!

    PL ♥

  12. Kathy - agree

    Adozeneggs - I love the color of that chair. It just pops! BTW-best of luck with your bakery shop!

    Vitania - Your lettuce comments is making me laugh! :)

    Penny Lane - stop back soon. My shasta daisies are to my shoulders, and I'm 5'4". They are going to be a wonder!

  13. Lovely thoughts and the pictures make me want to garden again. I agree that nurseries are lovely and so full of vibrancy, they tap into something deep within us, a nature sense.

    So true about trying new things, remembering though to not be too caught up in the new, which we know can happen with us artistically minded.

  14. I looovvvee strolling through garden centers! There's a goodie by me (Sunset Farms) that comes complete with lazy kitties perched among the flats. :-)

    And the lettuce analogy is perfect. I aspire to "eat a different variety" every day!

  15. Gorgeous pictures! We used to have a nursery in town that had the most creative combinations of plant materials and planting containers. I loved walking through just to get some fresh ideas. They closed last year and I miss going there.


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