June 10, 2009

Seeing with eyes wide open

I would like to share with you a few photos that I think are notable. I love taking my camera with me, because it removes the thought "oh, there's a goodie, why don't I have my camera"? My camera now sits and waits patiently for me.

Continuing along from the June 7th post about the unique bookshop that sells rare and used books, I crossed the street to look at what I think is a stunning representation of architecture. The building used to be the original town library, where I use to go to as a kid (when my town library was being rebuilt). It has since has been transformed to be the "Museum of Early Trades and Crafts".

The Museum of Early Trades &. Crafts assists people in understanding and appreciate the trades and crafts practiced in New Jersey from its earliest settlement.

The architecture is stately and elegant. That turret is calling my name. I would love to climb it! Actually, the only turret I have ever climbed was Castle Loma, outside of Toronto Canada, but that's another story. Anyway, if you are ever in the vicinity of Madison, NJ (Morris County), please stop by on Main St. and see the quaint and interesting sights. The shops are great too!

The country side of life: I know after some of us experienced that roaring thunder and lightning the other night, one of the last photos you may want to see is that of water. However, I believe waterfalls are restful and soothing to the eyes and ears. Don't worry, I was not driving while taking these photos. Waterfalls have a key to release the tightness in my neck or the unsettled questions in my head or heart. I begin to feel the flow of the water, and it is soul cleansing for me.

These photos were taken by my Hubby as we were taking a ride through quiet backroads.

So, take a look around your corner of the world, and see with eyes wide open. I am always interested in learning about other interesting points of view.


  1. I loved your photos and your reminder at the end of your post. Always look at your surroundings with eyes wide open, you will be able to much better appreciate them!

  2. Beautiful photos Kathy! That building with its turret is wonderful! I really love the waterfall pictures. It's such a scenic pretty sight, very soothing and peaceful to me. You live in a picturesque area!


  3. Verrry nice photos! It is fun taking the time to really look at our surroundings. Thanks. xoxo

  4. OOOOH! Love the photos-- especially the waterfall!

  5. Kappa - thanks for stopping by. I hope London is treating you well.

    Amy - My hubby works the camera most of the time.

    Joyce - Agree. We drive by so quickly sometimes, that we don't really see.

    Kathy - my waterfall friend.

  6. Ever since I started learning more about photography about a year ago, it's opened my eyes to what's around me. It's funny how looking through a little camera lens helps you to see & appreciate more.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I love the waterfalls, especially.

    You're absolutely right about taking your camera with you at all times. I even try to take it with me when I go out in the backyard. I never know when something will catch my eye; a bird, a flower, a butterfly. I also learned to check and make sure I have my memory card. We had front row seats at a concert and when I went to take a pic, I couldn't because my memory card was still plugged into my computer!!

  8. "Eyes wide open" is my thought for the day. You photographs are so beautiful, I could feel and hear the waterfalls. Could you recommend a nice camera (point and shoot kind)? Happy day!

  9. Beautiful pictures and thoughts. I love the sound and sight of waterfalls, so soothing, thank you. I read that heaven is filled with waterfalls, that makes sense :)

  10. I've never heard of this! You learn something new about the Garden State every day, I tell you. I'll need to keep my eyes wide open more often indeed!


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