June 19, 2009

All You Need is Sun...

"All You Need Is Love" is a song written by John Lennon and credited to Lennon/McCartney (Wikipedia).

I can't help but to change out the word "love" for "sun" as we are being deluged by weeks of rain during (what is usually) the lovely month of June.

I could also discuss their famous song "Here comes the sun" however, I will wait on that one.

Instead of this:

I would like to see more of this:

And feel the creativness of this:

And the natural beauty of these when they are not soggy and falling over:

(Cleome: Senorita Rosalita from my garden)

(Heliotrope, Cherry Pie, also from my garden)

Wishing you a dry and sunny weekend. Keep singing.


  1. Wow....Likewyse....This is right talk to sooth my - drainy- senses. Such bad and hostile weather over here too.
    "Let the Sunschine in...." uit Hair ? Godeliva van Ariadone

  2. Aria - "Let the Sunshine in" is good!

  3. It's been rainy around here, too. We had a major downpour all day Wednesday and we're in for another one today. I'm hoping for a sunny weekend, but I haven't looked at the forecast, yet.

  4. It is pouring and windy here in Maine this Friday morning....but I keep in mind a favorite quote that is by Thoreau:
    "Some of our richest days are those in which no sun shines outwardly, but so much the more a sun shines inwardly."

  5. It's beautiful here, London is basling in sunshine!

  6. Well my dear, hop in the plane and come over here. I need to go out early in the morning to do some shopping, cuz already around eleven it's too hot to stick your nose outside the window. Don't get me wrong, I love to have nice warm weathers, but sometimes the weather overhere is unbearable (for me).
    Have a nice weekend, XXX, Carmie.

  7. Willou - here's wishing you a dry and happy wknd. Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

    Nan- You always send such lovely quotes. Thank you.

    Beauty - Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

    C.T. Someday, I am going to fly to Italy, and we'll have a coffee and dessert together and be happy! :)

  8. gorgeous !!! thnaks for sharing; have a great weekend.

  9. gorgeous !!! thnaks for sharing; have a great weekend.

  10. You too my friend may your weekend be golden.

    We have had thunderstorm since last night. I don't really mind the rain I don't like thunder, too scary for me.


  11. I feel like a soggy wet noodle!

  12. Aww, don't fret. We're in England, rain is practically an old friend (in tweed).

    I see rain as food for plants and animals and it keeps the streets clean. Does that help?

  13. Clarity - It has rained so far for the month, except for three days, and without any sun. I need the sun. It's an integral part of my energy.
    My garden looks lush and wonderful.
    But my soul needs a sunny dry day or maybe seven? :)

  14. I hear you. We get a few minutes of sun every day. Just a bit that I can see through the windows of the bakery.
    Then it's either grey or rainy.
    Wishing for sun for everyone.


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