June 2, 2009

Imagining is fun

I love this room, or should I say a section of the room that is visible. The mantle has added molding which adds architectural interest. Articles have strategically been placed atop the mantle, and in an up and down flow. Your eye has to move up, then move down, then repeat. It's a design effect for interest. I try and use it for my garden (although sometimes the plants don't want to cooperate). This shade of green is used in Operating rooms to soothe the eyes. I like it, especially paired with that gorgeous French chair. I don't know the period of it, but I sure have my eyes on it.
I can only use my imagination in deciding what else is in that room. Maybe matching antique gold damask settees that face each other? How delightful would drinking tea be in that room?! A black steinway piano could be positioned on the opposite side of the room. The black piano would serve as great contract to the colored walls, and of course, it would serve as a functional piece of magnificent music and design. There might possible be a Renoir reproduction on one of the walls; the one with the two girls playing piano. They have golden, wispy hair and one can almost hear their music being played, very sweetly. I would hang that near the piano, of course.
Although the fireplace lends itself to a traditional look, I find this room has every opportunity to be furnished in an electic style. Some period furniture, some old and new artwork, definately a piece of sculpture or even two.
It's fun to imagine. I am sure many of you do the same thing, yes?


  1. I see a huge window, looking out on a garden full of hope. There are children running about outside, and inside, the lady of the house has perched herself on the lavendar settee with a cup of tea -engrossed in a novel. There are lovely photos and artwork and family heirlooms along with some pieces she found in the trash and has given her touch to turn them into treasures. Something lovely and fragrant is on the stove - dinner is in one hour.

  2. I have always been told I have a color imagination. LOL... My poor husband knows when I'm in the house too long my mind gets a going...
    Kathy, I have to tell you again- how much I LOVE your header. Every time I click on your blog it is like receiving a large boutique of purple flowers from a friend! xoxo

  3. I love the whole picture. I see lots of books and flowers, a cat purring nearby, and wonder classical flute music coming from a young girl's practice session.
    A gentle breeze is billowing the gauzy curtains.......

  4. I view your blog each morning for inspiration for the day. I was in a home recently that had the same paint color and it was so soothing, especially in the hot weather we are getting. I see your garden from the window with a meadow in the distance with horses frolicking.

  5. Beautiful picture. I don't know exactly why, but I keep thinking it's a dining room with a lovely wood table set for an elegant meal. Maybe just wishful thinking, I'd love to have a fireplace in my dining room.

  6. What fun this has been to read and enjoy your creativity!

  7. I do imagine, too, and it is fun and certainly less expensive than re-decorating. I like Mission-style furnishings.

  8. I imagined myself living in the 22 room designer show house I toured this past weekend. :-)

  9. I love that it is traditional and modern all at the same time. Very chic!


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