February 4, 2011

Have you ever wished...

Have you ever wished you could meet two people that are so important in your life...but you are unable to?

I wish I could have met Allen's parents. The photos I have seen, and the stories and compliments I have heard, makes me almost feel as if I knew them. But not quite. I know they deeply loved their children, family and friends. They taught their children to open their eyes to the world around them. They strongly believed in education, and gave all four of their children many wonderful opportunities to explore education in schools, and in the world around them. They were progressive on many levels, travelled around the world and lived by example. And...they loved their Old English Sheep Dogs: Seymour first, then Charlotte, then Truffles. Allen's Father only allowed one bumper sticker on his car, and it read "Teach Peace". This gives me an inkling as to what he (Ed) was about. Allen's Mother was called "Twink". Her birth name was Emily, however, the name Twink stayed with her throughout her lifetime. I have a strong feeling it was because of her twinkling blue eyes. So sweet.
The wonderful and humorous stories Allen and his three siblings tell of days and years gone by are very beautiful and heartfelt. The memory of their parents sit in a big part of each of their hearts. Quite a legacy.


  1. And now from your wonderful description, I wish I could have met them as well. They sound like an inspiring couple! Love Twink - so charming!

  2. That IS quite a legacy. So sad that you never got to meet them -- perhaps you have though, through Allen?

  3. Glad you got to meet and grab hold of the son!
    I bet they had something to do with it.

  4. hi Kathleen, such lovely descriptions! It's great to have such wonderful memories and just priceless to be able to share them with family and friends. Thanks for sharing your wishes here. I feel privileged to be among the readers of your blog :))

  5. I know what you mean. My husbands father died when he was 13. Everyone says he was the life of the party. I wish that I could have known him. I wish that he could see his grandchildren.

  6. They sounds like really great folks, and they certainly would have loved you. They will live on in Allen and those wonderful memories.

  7. This is a truly, love post Kathleen. Very honest and sweet. Sometimes, I wish I got to know my husband's mother too before she passed.

    Wishing you a lovely week sweetie.

  8. We create in each of us a legacy of love for families and friends to have after we are gone. Passing down the wisdom and stories of our lives is the gift we give to our loved ones. Allen's parents live on in your hearts and in your memories. A lasting gift of love. Thank you for sharing, with that story I have reconnected with loved ones who have gone. Paulette

  9. Kathleen,

    It's wonderful that your husband and his siblings cherish such fond memories. Twink and Ed sound like a lovely couple. I never got to meet Thomas' parents either. I've come to know them in the same way you know your in-laws.

    Your Friend,

  10. What a heartwarming story for my Tuesday...adore the name Twink, and can just imagine what she was like!!

  11. They sound like wonderful people and passed down the their love and passion to their children. You are one special gal, that it seems only right to have one special guy! xo

  12. what a heartfelt post...loved it...and loved how they loved their dogs...thanks for stopping by and wishing Teddy a Happy Birthday....and you were right...i just LOVE and ADORE this little dog...he is a gift.

    happy to visit here with you today, my friend

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

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  14. This is such a moving and very touching post, beautifully expressed and heartfelt. I just know these two wonderful souls would have loved you just as much as you love them through the knowledge of their memories...this is a lovely tribute to them.
    xo J~

  15. Now I want to meet them!

    I feel the same about Mike's dad, who passed away six or so months before we met. He owned a tavern in NYC and Mike learned and honed his bar tending and short order cook skills (from a young age!) at the Greenwich Tavern alongside Michael Sr. Ironically, Mike and I met at a pub, so I'd like to think his dad may have had something to do with our introduction. :-)


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