February 11, 2011

Turning 90 and feelin' fine!

My Mother's Birthday day was a great day and night. She received cards, flowers and telephone calls from friends and relatives. So happy!

Her favorite cake is strawberry shortcake, and we had one made to order. (By the way, the strawberries from southern California were sweet.) Mom loved it!

Flowers from her friend and neighbor Nora graced my Mother's table on the eve of her birthday. There was another beautiful vase of flowers from my friends and neighbors...Theresa and Mary. lovely!

All of us need glasses to read, and my Mother at the age of 90 does not. Simply amazing.

Mom and her two sons: Dan on the left, and Ross on the right. Ross flew in from Arizona, and made my Mother a very happy Mom.

A family photo with my Father there in spirit. From the left is me (in black), my Mother, Ross in back, my sister Mariann in front, and Dan on the right.

I had to grab Ross for a photo.


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom - 90 is quite an accomplishment and something special to celebrate! Love to send you a card for her....

  2. Patricia: I am sure she would love it! Thanks.

  3. What a wonderful occasion!! I'm sure your mother loved having you all together for her very special day. I can't believe she doesn't need reading glasses!!!

  4. Ooooh Kathy- the photos are all wonderful! The photos that teared my eyes (happy tears) are the ones with your mom and her sons and all of her children. Her smile shines deep to the core of her soul. Can you see it? Truly amazing. Happy Birthday to your mom! Thank her for giving me and so many others a wonderful friend!! She is beautiful- I can see where her beautiful/handsome children get their looks. XO

  5. Happy Birthday to your lovely Mother!!
    What a very special birthday to be celebrating, my goodness!
    Today I was having trouble reading a menu and realized that I was going to have to start carrying reading glasses around with me...more power to your Mom amd her perfect eyesight!!
    xo J~

  6. Happy, happy birthday to your beautiful mom! she surely doesn't look her age. She has lovely family! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Congratulations to Mom...she's a beautiful and lucky lady. Enjoy her and love her while she's with you - there isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish my Mom was still here to see her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

  8. Happy Birthday to your mom...she looks so sweet...i just loved this...the cake was just beautiful...so perfect...and no glasses !!!!
    really? that's great :-)

    and I LOVED seeing a picture of you....darling

    sending love today on this Valentines Day


  9. Oh I'm so sorry I'm late to the party here!!!

    Your mother is just preciously beautiful sweetie. I just adore her sweet smile! Your pictures are just priceless!!!

    Give your Mama a great big birthday wish and a hug!!!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous Valentine's Day!!! :o)

  10. What a lovely celebration! How lucky for you to have her to such wonderful age and feeling fine! Many more returns!!!
    She must have been happy to have you all four around! this is a blessing!
    Give her a hug from me!
    And a happy Valentine's day to you!
    xoxo Victoria

  11. Oh my gosh...she looks fantastic!! And the irony of her dress with purple flowers is not lost on me, lol! :-)

    A very happy birthday to your mom! You can see the joy in everyone's faces in the photos...I love when you can "feel" happiness from a simple photo. Thank you for sharing.

    And happy Valentine's Day, my bloggy friend!

  12. I love this post! Your mom is so beautiful! What a wonderful celebration!! HIp Hip Hurray!

  13. How wonderful! Happy belated Birthday to your beautiful Mom!

  14. Kathleen,

    Your mother is a beautiful woman! It's hard to believe she's 90! (Perhaps 90 is the new 80?)
    I was just complaining to Thomas that I can't read a thing without my specs...amazing! So happy you were all able to get together to celebrate with her.
    I am sending something on to you to forward to the birthday gal. Please email me her name.

    Your Friend,

  15. I'm late to the party!! Happy Birthday to your sweet Mom! Wow she is a beauty and such a classy lady. I hope her birthday was the best being surrounded by all her children and so much love.

  16. Happy belated birthday to your beautiful Mom! And what a delight to see a picture of you too.

  17. Wonderful! Happy belated birthday wishes to your mom.

  18. I could have sworn I left a comment!! Shame on me!! I loved these pics. Happy Birthday to your mom -- what a marvelous milestone!!

    PS The cake looks good, too.

  19. Your Mom looks so sweet!! You all look really happy and the cake looks delicious! Strawberry Shortcake is my favourite too!

    p.s. I popped by some of your older, older posts from 2008 and I'm so glad you're still around.

    Have a lovely day sweetie!

  20. I know these are very belated wishes - but Happy Birthday to your Mum. She looks so fabulous at 90. And so nice to see a photo of you too! What a special family get together. It still looks really cold over your way - has spring arrived yet? Amanda xx

  21. oooooo ... bless your mom's sweet soul, kathleen ...
    what a loving post to celebrate and send tribute
    to this remarkable woman ... oh such joy in her face
    and her children's ... pure love all around.
    oh, this made me so happy ... : )
    please pass along my sincerest wishes to your mom
    for me ~ wishes for continued great health and happiness
    and many more delightful strawberry 'birthday' shortcakes!!
    simply wonderful ...


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