November 23, 2009

A bounty full of Art

When I was a Junior in high school, I worked part time in a local supermarket. I was the happy Produce girl, with the long white coat. The scale for pricing fruits and vegetables was in the actual department, at the white scale. The year was 1975, weighing produce at the cash registers (computers) had not been installed yet, although it was on the horizon. I loved taking care of the produce, and talking to all the people. My job from 5:00pm -9:00pm was to make sure each bin was full. I did my job dutifully, taking out the bad, rotating the old to new, etc.

I looked at the produce more than just food, it was a form of art. The apples were shiny, the Anjou pears had a patch of green. The peppers were gorgeous with their reds, yellow and oranges shining proudly. Looking at the produce, I could see why many many Artists rendered beautiful works of art based on such succulent foods.

I love still lifes of fruits and vegetables. Julian Merrow-Smith is a fabulous Artist who seems to capture nature in all its beautiful glory. I hope you enjoy this Artists' artistic bountiful beauty.
All artwork shown below is the work of Julian Merrow-Smith.

Two Peppers

Three lemons on a French cloth


Two Apples


  1. wow they are wonderful... true works of art. thanks for this treat! besos!

  2. What a fun glimpse into your high school years! And weren't you lucking in high school to have job that you absolutely loved?!?

  3. These are very visually a-peeling (pun intended!) Honestly, though, they are beautiful works. All wonderful examples of the beauty to behold in our bountiful world. I'm loving the clementine, btw.

  4. Love, love, love!
    All slices of beauty and happy Monday.

  5. PERFECT ! Thanks for sharing those beautiful photographs...just lovely...

    About being the produce girl...that's the job I always wanted...still do. Everytime I go to the grocery I visit with the nice man in the produce..we have become pretty good friends...I just love all the seasonal produce just makes me happy...

    I too am Thankful for what I have...very lucky indeed...will be walking a bag of can goods down to The Salvation Army drop off later this afternoon..on our walk to see the owl...

    More later.

  6. Fruit IS so beautiful -What a fun story about you!!

  7. I love the paintings! I can also see you as "The happy produce girl"!!

  8. Kathy thanks for sharring your high school years,and the fond memory of produce with us. I love the paintings of the fruit, how a simple fruit can bring out its beauty.

    Also your package will be mailed this week at no cost, I insist :)

  9. What wonderful produce you are showing us here-aren't they beautiful? I bet you were a very sweet produce-gal. Hope you're having a nice week so far darlin'.

  10. These are gorgeous. Thanks so much.

  11. These art works are beautiful! My favorite part of food shopping is the produce department. I love all of the colors and the shininess of the fruits. I have always liked large clear glass bowls filled with Granny Smith apples or Anjou pears or a mixture of oranges and apples the reds, greens, yellows and oragge colors are so vibrant.

  12. Thanks for sharing your story - and the bounty! The clementine is my fave. Happy Thanksgiving!! xo

  13. I wish you lived in Louisville, my family has a produce business there, I worked in the family business and those paintings of fruits are stunning. The business has ben around for 60 years, and my parents celebrated 61 years of marriage last August. Good fruit, good vegetables lead to good health and a beautiful life!
    Enjoy your bounty!

  14. Thank you for sharing your story..I can almost picture the "produce girl" in the 70's! what a neat memory... the paintings are beautiful. I favor the lemons....

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. I can see you in your white coat arranging the apples:)

  16. Kathy- the art of the produce is beautiful. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!! xo

    P.S. I posted the beautiful cookbook today.


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