November 9, 2009

Oh, so charming!

Last August, my Hubby Allen gave me a very pretty charm bracelet. He knew of the one that was lost many many years ago. So, August 17th rolls around, and there's a box with a beautiful silver bracelet in it. The photo does not depict its feminine-like chain.

Allen wanted me to select two charms. So, off we went to our favorite Jeweler/Artisian Gallery to see the collection of goodies Rob had. I selected a sun, which I love, and since I was born in the summer, it made perfect sense. I also chose a small watering can. This is symbolic of my summertime gardening.

My Mother told me she wanted give me a charm from her, so I selected a heart shape charm. As if she's not charming enough, the engraving reads "With Love, Mom" - how fortunate am I to receive this heartfelt gift. I know I am, and I don't take one day for granted.


  1. I have a charm bracelet and just love it. Each charm is special.

  2. Your charm bracelet is pretty. I like the charms you picked. The fun you will have in the years to come, picking out new charms.

    I have one when I was little and I have my mom's when she was a young girl. xo

  3. What a sweet and wonderful gift. Your Mr. is so very thoughtful!

  4. i love charm bracelets especially in silver. what a lovely gift! happy week!

  5. You need a "purple flower" now! I love charm bracelets with stories.

  6. It's beautiful! What a thoughtful gift from your husband!

  7. Lovely to have something like that, that can tell a story.


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