September 12, 2009

An Ice Cream Book Give-A-Way!

Last July, I posted about Emily Luchetti, my sister-in-law who is a well renowned Pastry Chef. Emily has created a beautiful website and blog.

In your best interest, you may want to stop by her blog, submit your favorite ice cream sandwich combination of choice, and the winner will receive a signed copy of her book "A Passion for Ice Cream ". You don't have to submit a recipe, just a favorite ice cream sandwich combination. It's that simple.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

The website is here. Then click on her blog.
Or, to go straight to her blog, click below.


  1. i´m going now! hope you are enjoying your weekend! besos-jane

  2. All I can say is....."OH MY"!

  3. We're not familiar with ice cream sandwiches here, but I do remember trying the oreo one in the States.

    I shall have to fantasize and make one up!

  4. Yummm... do you know how much I love ice cream?! xoxo

  5. Wow, you sure know how to entice a girl! I'm thrilled about your sister-in-law's website because some of the things she makes are sooo delicious looking!

    Thank you for the heads up!

  6. I will have to go find that YUMMY looking book!! An entire book about ice cream - I need that!!

  7. Here from Bridget's. Just in time :)!

  8. Love ice cream sands. In fact I gave them away as holiday treats last year. Chocolate with peppermint ice cream. Tied with a pink bow. Thanks. & thanks for visiting us!

  9. I love ice cream soooo much. As my overgrown summer butt will attest to. :-)

    Hope you're well! Now that summer's over I hope to be at least a semi-regular blogger again. :-) Looking forward to catching up with you!


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