September 3, 2009

I am back...

I am back from an intermission. My muse had taken a mini vacation, and so did I. Every once in a while I think it is good for me to walk away from writing, smell the lavender, eat some whole wheat Italian bread with pesto, enjoy the blue sky, and that is exactly what I did.

We also adopted a five month young kitten. Enter "Zack".

He's petite in size with a medium shade of grey on his body. He also has amazing gold color eyes (please forgive the camera, for it did not know better). Zack does not have blue dots in his eyes!

He's affecionate and playful, which in cat language equals funny. What more might one want in a pet?! I have already taken him on short rides (in his carrier) in the car. I want him to get use to rides, so he doesn't associate the carrier with going to a Vet. visit, which by the way is next Thursday. Zack is a rescue cat. He came with papers stating he was neutured, and had his combination shots. We are, however, taking him for a well visit to meet the Doc.

I plan on posting more photos of this cute little guy, when the camera decides to behave itself.

A big thank you for your kind comments and e-mails asking about my whereabouts. It is a great feeling to know people like you care! : )
Here's wishing you a sunny weekend!!!


  1. KATHY!!!! You're back!! I'm so glad. And I'm happy you've adopted Zack. He's quite the handsome kitty.
    Husband is back as of this evening, and the stitches come out tomorrow. I just washed my hair and I'm looking forward to this not being such a damn chore the nest time! Even had a mani and pedi to celebrate. (No polish on the fingernails -- not that kind of girl! :)

  2. Kathy - So glad the stitches come out tomorrow, just like the sun!
    Hopefully, it will be easier next time. I had a pedi today too - totally relaxing!

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  4. So glad you're back, now I can hear your wise and sweet thoughts again - yay K :)

    Your kitten is tres cute and looks like he has settled in nicely. I hope you enjoyed your break, I understand how it feels to need those once in a while, xxx.

  5. Clarity - I love the poem you posted by e.e. cummings - beautiful.

    D - Thank you!

  6. Yahoo.... welcome back! Kathy, I had a funny feeling you were going to introduce someone special. I just felt it in my bones.

    Zack is handsome and one lucky boy. I can't wait to see and hear more about him. He is off to a good start with the name Zack- My favorite nephew's (shhh... I tell this to all 3 of my nephews) name is Zack and he is a gem, sweet, handsome and kind. Oh my friend enjoy your long weekend and hugs to you and Zack. xoxo

  7. welcome back! now that´s a face!! besos-jane

  8. Missed you. I'm so glad you've returned!

  9. Zack is adorable and I love his markings!

    You are such a good mommy taking him for rides in his carrier now so he doesn't get scared later. I'm so happy for Zack that he has you now!

    Have fun with him!

  10. I'm so glad you're back, I missed you!

    Zack is adorable! I'm glad you were able to rescue him from a shelter. I'm a big fan of adopting animals from shelters and rescue groups. Have fun with him!

  11. Zack is so cute! :-)

  12. Tell him the babies over at our house say hi! I'm going to try to get more of ours up too.

  13. So. CUTE!

    Welcome back! I've been floating in and out of the blogosphere myself. I think a full stop break is a mighty fine idea.

  14. He's very handsome. Great markings.


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