September 30, 2009

Five words of thought...

My curiosity was peaked recently when I read a post on thisstopwilloughby about thoughts on five random words. I signed up, and Willoughby was nice enough to send five words to me. Many of of these words have several meanings, however, I am writing about what they mean to me, as thoughts pop into my head.

By the way, you may want to stop by and see Willoughby's blog. She is an excellent writer and will bring you lots of smiles and chuckles :)

1. Compose - I love this word for the images it conjures up in my head of creating something, whether it is a drawing, a sculpture, a piece of music, a garden or a recipe. The list is endless. With one's imagination, anything can become an element of something else. Compose can form the basis of something that can be a springboard to even more wonderful things.

2. Harvest - Harvest moon like a big pumpkin in the sky in eary October, Harvest Fairs that are happy small town get-togethers for family and friends. Most importantly for me though, Harvest conjures up the meaning of hard and dutiful farm work, the kind that puts blisters on your hands and dirt under your fingernails. And I am thankful for every Farmer we have in our country.

3. Object - Art object, or otherwise known as "object d'art" I think of motion caught in a moment, and it makes me smile and wonder.

4. Travel - the big wide beautiful world. Opening one's eyes and ears to learning about how other people live. Seeing the sights, pretty and not so pretty, but real, as it should be. I think of dreaming of far away lands and exotic places.

It also means driving to another state here in the U.S. and listening to our different accents, and appreciating all that we have, and benefit from as a collective society.

5. Wonder - Deep thoughts yet to be uncovered, or may never be. To question, challenge and daydream all that there is in the universe. The wonder of life - so large that I can't get my arms around it. Other times, wondering how amazing it is to watch something and someone grow. From a sprout to a flower blossom or a child to an adult. It's a beautiful process and I can shed a tear about the wonder of it all.


  1. I love words! Some favorites are pedestrian which has two very distinct meanings; sophomoric, and pulchritude -- which means the opposite of what it looks like!

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