February 25, 2009

Purple Pocketbook

These are the contents of my pocketbook. I try to use a relatively small-medium size bag, so I don't collect too much stuff. Then I would spend time shuffling around trying to find something. That doesn't work for me. Oops, I forgot my mobile phone; it was being charged.

What's in your handbag?


  1. Your bag is gorgeous! I love the purple color.

  2. What's in my bag? More than there should be. The typical stuff, wallet, phone, cosmetic bag. I also usually have a couple of bottles of prescription medicine, Aleve, life savers, pens, pad, shopping lists, old receipts. Nothing very exciting.

  3. I am most certainly going to play this pocketbook post.... looks so fun to see what is inside.

  4. My bags are so large that my girlfriend calls them Winnebagos. Limiting myself to a smaller bag would probably be a wise move.

    What's in mine? Gosh, everything. Wallet. Fold up umbrella. Thermos of coffee. Book. Unpaid bills. Hairbrush. Hand lotion. Moleskin book. IPod. Ok, I'll stop there. Needless to say, when I need something, I DIG.


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